9 main etiquette rules of how to use cell phone at work correctly

A working cell phone and a personal mobile phone have long been rooted in our lives as an important element of unlimited communication. Regardless of the circumstances, you can be contacted. But how appropriate is it to distract a person at work? And is it correct for him to talk on the phone during the day? This can distract colleagues and greatly irritate bosses. And you, perhaps, will not perform their work tasks properly. Most companies have a special internal charter. According to this document, each employee has information about a number of restrictions and sanctions for these limitations in case of non-compliance. Often extraneous calls are prohibited at all. But if it is not so, breaking even an unspoken restriction can lead to considerable problems. First of all, every worker should find out about the existence of such a document. If it is, you need to thoroughly study it and not get caught. The problems can be really serious, do not play with fire. If you can use your phone for personal purposes at work, it is still important to follow the general recommendations. Let’s call them “rules of etiquette”, providing respect for themselves, colleagues and superiors. Let’s look at the list of main cell phone tips:

How to use cell phone at work correctly

1. Turn off the sound

turn offSpeaking of a mobile phone, if calls at the workplace happen, you should at least turn off the alert tone. For example, put on vibration. Unexpected melody is very distracting during the working process. It comes at once about a few people around. And the boss does not need to hear that you are often phoned, is not it?

2. Speak quietly

Even if you are forced to talk on the phone at the workplace, do it as quietly as possible. Respect others, see your actions from the side in the process of conversation and do not forget to block vulgar vocabulary during the talk, when someone is able to hear you.

3. Phone is only for important conversations

conversationYou can use the phone only when it’s very important. How to understand that the call is important? For example, if you are talking about emergency situations at home or about calling a school nurse who reports your child’s illness, this is important. No one will be against your conversation and, perhaps, a day off. And if the wife calls and is interested in the color of the new wallpaper for the hallway, this is important, but only during your spare time. Block such initiatives while you work.

4. Set up voicemail

voicemailVoice mail is a great feature that some people ignore for some strange reason. If you are one of them, stop it immediately! To be serious, most calls are non-urgent and the call addresser is unlikely to be nervous if you don’t answer immediately. So you cannot be distracted in the workflow. And when there is a free minute, you can call back even at work. And you can even solve a problem if it does not take a lot of time.

5. Talk by phone privately

privateYou can talk on the phone on any topic during the break, but your colleagues are not required to hear this information. Try not to disturb them even at this time and find a secluded place away from the work area to conduct conversations. In the end, the order of work in the office can be such when you went on a break, and your colleagues continuing their work.

6. Never get the phone in the toilet

Important: this is a universal rule of life, not just for the office! This room is only for one task, and for others your conversation can create a serious discomfort.

7. Phone is not allowed in meetings

If the phone is not needed at a meeting on work, do not bring it at all. Or turn off the sound.

8. Do not delay customers

If your job is to serve customers, your conversation on the phone should be interrupted immediately, as soon as a person sits next to you. You do not have to bring a person to expectations for personal reasons, or force him to show signs that he wants to talk with you.

9. Pay attention to the ringtone

ringtoneIt is important that your ringtone be restrained and concise. Specific or outrageous ringtones leave for non-working time, and colleagues and bosses should not hear it and build into a personal vision of you. We hope these cell phone tips will help you improve your work and performance!

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