Are There Any Free Apps to Read the Text Messages from Other Phones Secretly?

You might find number of app that claim to track the text messages from someone else’s phone and that too completely free of cost. However these apps hardly perform the way they are expected to. Many such apps even contain virus which can cause permanent damage to your phone’s software. The only way for viewing the text messages for free is to view it in the absence of the person i.e. when the phone is not with its owner; everything else is mere publicity, and nothing else. You have to spend few bucks if you are genuinely interested in spying on someone.

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How Can I See Text Messages from Another Phone for Free?

mSpy is one such paid monitoring app available in the market that is one of the sought after spy app. Once this spyware is in its right place, you will continuously get the information from the target device at real time. Spy app for phones are simple applications that have the capability of recording the phone activities. This tool when installed in a cell phone will automatically upload the data to the specific website. There is no technical skill required to handle the functionalities of these app and thus any lay man can have the benefit of using them – check more on http://smstrackers.com/.

The software is able to distinguish between different mobile phones with the use of its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.No two phones can have same IMEI number and thus can be distinguished easily. The data being collected is uploaded to the website and is available to the account that is registered under that IMEI number.

View Text Messages from Another Phone Free

Every application in the phone can be detected and there are tools that display the apps that are running in the background so that the owner can disable then any time he/she wants. This is where the spy apps amazes everyone as it is not at all possible to detect the working or the very existence of the of the spy app on the device. It works in a complete stealth mode disabling any other tool to detect its activities. Its focus on specific activities allows it to run smoothly without using much of the processor’s resources.

How Do You Read Someones Text Messages Secretly?

All you need to do is install this app and enter the IMEI number while registering. With this, you can view the text messages in real time, track the GPS location of the device, get a record of browsing history and do much more. The best part is that you don’t even need to access the phone any more. You have to just login to your account from any computer and all the data will be available there.

mSpy is completely undetectable and hence the person will never be able to know that someone is accessing the data on his/her phone without any prior consent. However, you can monitor only mobile devices that you own (for examples, phones of your children or employees).

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10 thoughts on “Are There Any Free Apps to Read the Text Messages from Other Phones Secretly?

  1. mark janes

    how many years can back can I investigate the text messages on my wives phone that I’m the primary account holder?

    1. owner Post author

      Hello Mark,

      You can restore the deleted messages on the target device only in case when a cell phone spy app had been installed before the message was deleted.


  2. mark janes

    I know she’s had an affair from 2006-2013

  3. John

    Can I use my android phone to monitor my wife text messages?

    1. owner Post author

      Hello John,

      You should install a cell phone spy on the target device you are going to monitor and later on you track all the information from it in your online account from any device you like.



    Si I had mspy and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT it was amazing BUT IT EATS UP SOOO MUCH DATA…is there a way to not use so much data I’m talking we have 30 gigs shared on at and t and it used like 250 gigs in the first week….

    1. owner Post author

      Hello Leslie,

      We are glad that you like the app, please contact support team for a technical issues.


  5. Peppee

    What if I do t have access to a computer

    1. owner Post author

      Hello Peppee,

      In order to install a cell phone tracking app to the target device, you need to have one time access to this gadget.


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