British Telecom will put an end to annoying calls

First of all, what is annoying calls we’re talking about nuisance calls? Special marketing companies receive in some way telephone data from customers of telephone companies, after which the specialists of the sales department make a call. The call contains one or another commercial offer: to buy a certain product or service. That is, we are talking about the “cold” ringing of potential buyers, initially disinterested in the product. Anyone who does not wait in the middle of the day for a “favorable offer” will most often be annoyed by the sudden intrusion from the side. But a single call is a trifle, which you can endure. What if the call is not one? And what if there are several ones? Or we’re talking about several calls a day, every day? And what if they bother very old and sick people? With cancer? This is a huge and high-scale problem. According to statistics, BT user gets about 4 calls a week and 60% of it is stressful. And these companies also can sell total rubbish to our trusting grandmothers and grandfathers. And this we are not talking about cases of complete fraud at the expense of playing on parental feelings and other things. Manipulators are dangerous for your wallet. This is surprising, but, for example, in England there are no laws prohibiting such telephone spam. There are grounds for fines, but these amounts are minimal for the trespasser and cannot stop the avalanche. One of these companies, according to statistics (it looks quite reliable), manages to make 1 million calls in 1.5 years. As you know, thousands’ fines can’t solve the problem.

How we will block the spam-company?

block-callsAnd, so that you understand the indomitable nature of the problem, fines in this legal field can reach 500 thousand pounds sterling for one time. Before the introduction of this “ceiling” amounts, regulators punished scammers for millions of pounds each year. How will the figure increase in 2017? So far, the largest amount of a separate fine is 400 thousand pounds. The solution to the problem should be sought in the legal field, but the matter has not progressed for a long time. Technical solution looks better as alternative. Some telephone operators in the country, against the backdrop of the situation, are ready to offer the service of identifying automatic blocking of such calls. The purpose of this proposal is to maintain the trust of existing customers, as well as expand the range of users. There is no doubt that in the world of big players such transition processes will take place. One of these companies today is the telecommunications giant British Telecom, who presented the service described above and put it into operation. And other firms are starting to connect to initiative, starting the connection of a similar cell phone tips. Some telecom operators are already talking about the “inconvenient year” for black advertisers; others find epithets about protecting their own audience. tech-solutionThe meaning of the technical solution lies in the complete blocking of the spam operator regarding the telephone number. A person has the ability to block a call from a specific number, but our black marketers have found a way around this action. They change numbers and continue to call, again and again. Service from BT will block the spam- company, and not only the separate numbers. How does it work from a technical point of view? The Analytical Center collects data about calls and calculates active numbers, which make many calls every day, all the time. If the identification of numbers to spammers is established, as well as the coincidence of a number of unnecessarily active numbers relative to one owner, this owner is completely blocked. In parallel, the operator announced the expansion of functions for managing blacklists. Support for this question is also provided online at the company’s website or using the short number 1572.  According to experts, the introduction of the service suggests that the operators have finally begun to take seriously the issue of personal responsibility for such trends. Until recently, absolutely all market figures preferred to turn a blind eye to the problem and block any talk of responsibility on their part. In many respects, the motivation for this was promoted by the active actions of people and organizations in Great Britain who are not indifferent to the problem. Perhaps this will be a new impetus to the overall improvement of society. Let’s see how the story goes on. But we should not leave the question without attention for a second.

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