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how to use snapchat

Wishing to Know More about Snapchat?

Snapchat is a wonderful medium for communication, having no analogues in the modern world of mobile messengers. At the first glance, it is quite minimalist, with no comprehensive guide or menu that would show you around and let you learn to use Snapchat. Continue reading

read someone’s email

How to Read Someone’s Email Messages?

What if your kid is targeted by a cyber bully or one of your employees shares corporate secrets with your competitor? How far can you go to protect your family and business? What about the ability to secretly read someone’s email messages? Hasten to assure you that as a caring parent or a concerned employer, you have full legal rights to do so! Yes, you heard it! To read emails of another person is legal, with, however, certain limitations. Continue reading

iphone 6

Remote control iPhone app for secret monitoring

Mobile trackers first appeared two decades ago, and since then, they have been constantly growing in popularity. From simple monitoring tools to professionally designed software with a full set of useful features – there is a great variety of phone tracking applications for any taste and need. Continue reading

block pokemon go

Disable or Block Pokemon Go – A Guide for Parents

By now, a number of parents must have heard the words ‘Pokémon Go’ from their children. It’s crazy how popular the game has become in such a short time. For parents, the app is more of a threat than anything else though. Children are getting themselves into dangerous situations every day through the game, and parents around the globe are worried for their safety. Continue reading

third party app stores

Is it Safe to Install Apps From Third Party Web Sites?

Almost every popular mobile platform has its own app store; Android has Google Play Store, iOS devices can download apps and games from iTunes, Windows Phone has Microsoft App Store and BlackBerry has its own store. Companies make sure all the apps and games on their app stores meet their quality and security standards. It is highly recommended to download apps from official app stores only. But many people download and install apps from other sources as well. Continue reading

battery contol apps

Best Battery Control Apps for iPhone

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor
Battery Doctor is a well known battery management app which is mainly known for its amazing features and cross platform compatibility. Battery Doctor allows users to see the current status of the battery, how long it is going to charge fully and how long the device would run on battery. The app shows all installed apps and processes as well as their consumed batter power. This way you can see which apps are using excessive amount of battery. You can also schedule toggling features like GPS, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Brightness to save battery. Continue reading