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It’s time to fix text errors in WhatsApp

WhatsApp decided to introduce a function that would save many lives. No kidding. And we are not talking about quick emergency call button, or something like this. There is a little ambiguity here. Imagine one of the situations (or you can imagine everything at once). You write a message to a friend or girlfriend, quickly send it, run through your eyes again, and realize that you can be understood ambiguously. Or write to a person in your emotional moment what you will regret after a little time. Or you accidentally use an incorrect speech in a conversation with the boss. In a word, send textual nonsense. Continue reading
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9 main etiquette rules of how to use cell phone at work correctly

A working cell phone and a personal mobile phone have long been rooted in our lives as an important element of unlimited communication. Regardless of the circumstances, you can be contacted. But how appropriate is it to distract a person at work? And is it correct for him to talk on the phone during the day? This can distract colleagues and greatly irritate bosses. And you, perhaps, will not perform their work tasks properly. Continue reading

Surprising Ways to Unjail Your Smartphone’s Potential

Have you ever sat down and analyzed the immense potential that little gadget called a mobile phone has? Apart from calling, browsing, texting, and playing music, your mobile phone has more potential than you have ever imagined. If you took your time well and tested that potential, you would be surprised to see how much you have been denying yourself. In this post, we shall look at three surprising and fascinating ways of using your smartphone so that it can live up to its name—a smartphone. Continue reading
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How to Tell if Your Recipient has Read or Seen Your Text Messages

Are you a fan of sending text messages and you never know when their recipients have read them or not? What if the only channel of communication with a person at a given moment is text message but you have no clue whether they have seen or read it? In such circumstances, there is no cause for alarm since this post shares ways that will enable you to lay aside all such apprehension by knowing when the person has read or seen your messages. Continue reading
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How to Use a Cell Phone Recorder?

Nowadays, none of us can live without his/her cell phone. It is absolutely impossible to imagine a person who doesn’t have a smartphone at all. Hence, the era of digital technology development brings people many opportunities for communication. Moreover, all these devices are used to make our lives a little bit easier and better. Continue reading
Cell Phone at Peak Performance

How to Keep Your Cell Phone at Peak Performance?

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a person without a smartphone. We are so used to using our pocket gadgets that cannot live without them even a single day. If someone cannot call you to discuss some urgent personal or business questions, it is horrible. If your smartphone is lost, stolen, or broke, it is a sort of catastrophe for anyone used to permanent connection. Continue reading

Why older people should try and use Snapchat too

Everyone knows that Snapchat is ultra-popular among children and teens. Snapchat is even identified as a “network for young people”. But this does not mean that older people cannot use it. They should at least talk to their children and grandchildren, and it’s very convenient. The main thing for adults is to understand this social network and how to use it. Let’s mark some points. Continue reading
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Wishing to Know More about Snapchat?

Snapchat is a wonderful medium for communication, having no analogues in the modern world of mobile messengers. At the first glance, it is quite minimalist, with no comprehensive guide or menu that would show you around and let you learn to use Snapchat. Continue reading
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How to Read Someone’s Email Messages?

What if your kid is targeted by a cyber bully or one of your employees shares corporate secrets with your competitor? How far can you go to protect your family and business? What about the ability to secretly read someone’s email messages? Hasten to assure you that as a caring parent or a concerned employer, you have full legal rights to do so! Yes, you heard it! To read emails of another person is legal, with, however, certain limitations. Continue reading
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Remote control iPhone app for secret monitoring

Mobile trackers first appeared two decades ago, and since then, they have been constantly growing in popularity. From simple monitoring tools to professionally designed software with a full set of useful features – there is a great variety of phone tracking applications for any taste and need. Continue reading