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There are a lot of ways to communicate online. No wonder that there are also a lot of ways to track on every popular messenger online. Whether it is Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Snapchat or even iMessage – there is always an app to monitor it. Read our reviews to find out more!

whatsapp security tips

9 Tips for WhatsApp Usage Every Child Should Know

WhatsApp is an application that now has more users than Twitter. The app is used by people from all over to connect with their loved ones, completely free of charge. And as one might expect, this app now has a huge user base comprising of young children as well. What these kids don’t realize is that WhatsApp, just like any other IM application that uses the internet, has some threats associated with its use. Here are some tips every parent should give to their children about the usage of WhatsApp. Continue reading

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How to Get into Someones Snapchat Account

Children in today’s society are encouraged to be bold and adventures, if not by their family members then by their peers. This is not area without danger as many teens are thinking that they are using a privacy option and post damaging and sensitive information online. These actions create issues that if not done properly can cause embarrassment and even result in being socially outcast. The issue is they do not know this and fall a foul of dangerous situations like blackmail. The saddest thing is that they do it with a smart phone that their parents got for them. Prevent such tragedies by using a parental control app like Mspy to track their usage. All you need to do is just let them know that you have this app installed. Continue reading

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How to Read Others Skype Messages

The internet is mankind’s exploration into absolute anarchy. It is an experiment into the excesses of creativity of the human spirit, but has also led us into the depths of our depravity. Children are growing up in this environment where the lines are increasingly blurred between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy. Information is accurate and also very much distorted and bias. It is the growing responsibility of parents everywhere to teach and guide young children on internet usage, especially when using smart phones. One area where parents can help prevent online predators from targeting your child is through monitoring of apps like Skype. Continue reading

Skype hack

Spying on Deleted Skype Messages Is Now Possible

Although Skype is one of the leaders in VOIP services, there are still people who know how to hack skype messages, even read deleted ones – as well as spy on camera or video chats. Why is it that a tracker app or spying software inspires a greater response in the market than most of the other hacking applications released online? I would answer this question thus: with the expanding Skype telecommunication technology, parental control is a little more than just a phrase, and worse still, criminal minds have seeped into the technology itself. It is, therefore, a common practice for parents to track and monitor their children’s online activity. It is, nevertheless, legally recommended by the makers of the concerned Skype hacking spyware app that your target device’s owner must know that he or she is being monitored, keeping in view the respect of everyone’s opinion, as should be the case. Continue reading

facebook hacker

How Can Someone Hack into My Facebook?

It’s been a while since Facebook became a leader in social networking, and that is the reason why there is a huge demand of tutorials of how to spy on someone’s facebook messages – or even hack deleted ones.

Along with mobile sms trackers, Facebook monitoring Spyware becomes the hero of the present era as we speak; no matter whether it comes as a tool, a keylogger or as an app or even as a software, the capability of allowing access to someone’s deleted messages is probably the reason why most parents sleep soundly at night. While moral deterioration forms a buffalo portion of the reasons to monitor, track and trace the history, activity and online conversation of the people whom you are responsible for, there is also a vast network of underworld operating through the internet forums. Can I simply say one clarification word here: Facebook hack? It is no secret that through hacking, it becomes possible for others to spy, see and read whatever lies in some particular account. Continue reading

Hacking Viber Messages

How Can I Legally Hack Viber Messages?

Currently, Viber has become one of the most popular free online messaging apps, so that is why there is a huge demand on downloading hacking and spying software, that shows how to track someones messages on Android account, iPhone and other popular OS. Continue reading

Track whatsapp

How to Track Other’s Whatsapp Messages Online?

It’s easy to see numbers of people using free Whatsapp online chatting app on their phones, that’s why many also look for tracking spyware to read someones messages history – and now you can check these hacking options by yourself.

WhatsApp is a popular IM sharing app used and downloaded globally, available for Android and iPhone phones. It is free and folks love to easily share mobile conversations, receive pictures, audio and videos they get without any fees. People of all ages can use this IM software on their smartphones to read shared chats and multimedia messages. Continue reading

recover deleted snapchats

How to use Snapchat tracker to recover deleted snapchats

Track Snapchat

It is no longer difficult to track Snapchat images and even recover deleted snapchats. Snapchats stay for a fraction of seconds and then disappear. This is the reason that people don’t remember them or lose them very quickly. However, there is a way out to get rid of this problem. Now, you can recover the snapchats by using sophisticated tools provided by MSpy. Continue reading

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Using Snapchat Spy App to Check Your Teen Daughter

Teenage is the toughest time for a person and their parents as well. They can do some bad activities, which can affect them for the years to come. Hacking accounts of teenagers and misusing them for illegal or other uses has become an unwanted practice. Many people hack the accounts and blackmail teenagers by using their information. Continue reading