How to Forward Someone’s Text to Your Phone

There are usually two areas that marriages or relationships fail. The first is money and the second is a third party coming into the relationship. It is absolutely surprising that many couples on the verge of divorce would have one of them say during the lawyers meeting that they never knew that their partner had so much debt to their name. If you doubt that debt can ruin a relationship, imagine working 2 jobs to pay the bank interest on your husband’s or wife’s and not have enough money to pay other bills. The stress that you have to go through is immense. This is where you need to monitor your partner’s internet and mobile phone usage.

Why Mobile Phone?

Spouses who are seriously in debt or have a habit of borrowing large amounts from people would normally use their mobile phones to facilitate this. If they don’t, debt collection usually starts with receiving messages to the debtor’s mobile phone. If you track your spouse on their smart phone, you will get to know if they are severely in debt. Additionally, gambling is one of the more common vice that people in debt tend to indulge in and internet gambling on smart phones has only made it so much easier. This is where mobile Spy apps are absolutely useful.

Which Functions Do We Need?

The functions most applicable would be text message tracking, of both normal SMSes and communication apps like WhatsApp and Skype, call recording and monitoring and location tracking. These functions help determine if your partner is borrowing more than they can ever pay back. Internet history and website blocking are also areas of interest, You can nip the problem in the bud and not allow your partner to even access such websites.

What Apps Are Available?

Tracking apps are all available online and in the respective OS stores. Apps like Flexispy are available online for you to monitor wayward spouses.

4 thoughts on “How to Forward Someone’s Text to Your Phone

  1. Moloko Ramatla

    How do let get started?

    1. owner Post author

      To set up forwarding, you’ll need to install the tracking app on the device from which you want to receive messages. Check this out for example

      1. amo boss

        i just want to know more….could you please help me in doing…

        1. owner Post author

          Hello Amo,

          you should install a cell phone tracker on the device you want to monitor. Choose the best text message spyware on our website and visit its website to buy it.


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