How to Track Deleted SMS?

Have you ever thought about how it would be to track SMS on another person’s phone without them knowing? What about the ability to track deleted SMS? Think it is impossible? Hasten to assure you that it is not! The truth is that with the development of digital technology and the Internet, we live in a world where nothing is impossible. This is especially true when it comes to smart mobile apps. We use them to communicate with each other, pay bills, do online shopping, watch videos, play games, plan events, and do many other things. Guess what? There are also mobile apps that give people the opportunity to track SMS history on the phone that belongs to another person. Moreover, you can not only view the history of incoming and outgoing messages stored on the target device but also to read those texts that have already been deleted. Sounds like something illegal? Well, in many cases, it is indeed illegal, but the good news is that some categories of people can do it absolutely legally. Moreover, there are situations when remote tracking of someone’s deleted messages is something you need to do in order to protect your family or business. sms tracking

Who can track SMS history of another person?

There are two major groups of people who can legally track SMS – even deleted ones – on someone’s phone without breaking the law:
  • Parents of teens and tweens

    As you know, most teens and tweens are tied to their smartphones and tablets, spending almost all their free time texting with friends. Are you interested in what they are talking about? What if the person they are chatting with is not the one he or she pretends to be? Unfortunately, today’s world is full of bullies, stalkers, and predators who can greatly harm innocent kids. This is one of the reasons why to track deleted SMS of your kid is a good idea. Furthermore, since their mobile device legally belongs to you, you can install a tracking app on it at any time you need it.

  • Business owners

    Just like with tracking SMS history and deleted messages on your kid’s device, you have full legal rights to install monitoring software on the company-owned phones that are, in fact, your own property. Why do you need it? Well, with a powerful tracker at hand, you can make sure that your employees spend their working hours doing what they are being paid to do instead of texting with friends or, what is worse, sharing corporate data. However, keep in mind that in many countries, staff members should know about the fact that the phones they use are being monitored. Therefore, if you want to secretly track SMS history and deleted messages of your employees, make sure it is allowed by your country’s laws.

What features to look for in SMS tracker?

When it comes to choosing a reliable SMS tracker, there are several important features to look for. These include the ability to:
  • show the content of each incoming and outgoing SMS;
  • display the time and the date of each message;
  • track deleted SMS;
  • show the information about the sender or the recipient.
Only the tracker that possesses all these features can provide you with the result you expect. Thereby, be very careful in your choice and always try a free trial version of the app if possible. After all, no one can make you pay for services you don’t like!

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