It’s time to fix text errors in WhatsApp

WhatsApp decided to introduce a function that would save many lives. No kidding. And we are not talking about quick emergency call button, or something like this. There is a little ambiguity here. Imagine one of the situations (or you can imagine everything at once). You write a message to a friend or girlfriend, quickly send it, run through your eyes again, and realize that you can be understood ambiguously. Or write to a person in your emotional moment what you will regret after a little time. Or you accidentally use an incorrect speech in a conversation with the boss. In a word, send textual nonsense. These are so common things, right? And you at least once faced with this? Would you like to correct what was said? WhatsApp gives a unique opportunity that will attract the application even more attention and create an advantage over other big rivals in mobile messaging niche. A number of popular applications have already introduced this, now it’s time for the world’s most massive messenger to keep the audience. After all, the presence of this thing in the confident fighters of the market, like Telegram and Viber, and its absence from Whatsapp can redistribute the concentration of users in favor of the first ones. Still big in a question, as it will work in the further, but it is necessary to talk already now about theory.

Question’s theory

Its very simple: the innovation will allow you to delete the sent message. But its not about the ability to delete a single message from your correspondence history, which is available everywhere in any applications. You can get rid of the message also from the recipient`s history. In addition to deletion, you can quickly edit the message before it is opened by the recipient. (As for editing, by the way, we already saw something like this in Skype.) chatbox-errorThe new WhatsApp function was named as “Delete for everyone”. The information leak says that the function is actively tested (at the time of mid-September 2017) for mobile devices on the iOS and Android platforms. The tests are quite successful, and the dedicated revocation server is able to delete unnecessary messages. It is expected that the feature will be available to users in one of the nearest global updates of the app. The next step in the implementation of the function will be a quick automatic deletion of message info in the “Notification Center” (both for iOS and Android), which is also planned to be approved soon. So it turns out that the sender will be able to maintain complete anonymity in the issue of sending an incorrect message and then deleting it with respect to the recipient, and the latter will not know anything. Although it is possible, that a separate “deletion alert” will be implemented for the recipient. Further “intelligence” of the situation showed that the new WhatsApp function will work not only for texts. Under the removal you can put any transferred files and media (photo, video GIF animation). The exact date of issue is not yet available. But if there is no force majeure and any random delay, this should happen very soon. The key to this statement is the fact that this feature already appeared in the WhatsApp beta for Windows. 1 billion people froze in anticipation to make communication more accurate.

Compatibility with spyware

We also need to add now, that there is no information about how to spy in WhatsApp with the new function? Will it be possible to see deleted messages, whatever it is, both to the recipient and to the third party persons? As we know, nothing disappears without a trace in Internet, even time-limited snaps of Snapchat, which are stored somewhere on the servers programmatically; minimally for a short time after removal. Most likely, deleted messages will also be impossible to remove quickly from the servers. And if you access these private areas, deleted data can be extracted. We assume that the developers of spyware will study the issue comprehensively right after the release of the function, and sooner or later the solution will be included into their programs. So on any endeavor in this world there will be new countermeasures.

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