Snapchat Usage Guide for your Kids

The world of social media is ever increasing, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. More and more websites and applications are cropping up that aim to bridge the disconnect between different people from the world. And, as expected, the largest user base of most of such websites is comprised of teenagers and children.

Snapchat – Visual Messaging

Among the hot new ways to communicate with one’s friends is Snapchat, an app that makes it possible for people to send visual messages to others. It lets people communicate through pictures and videos that are deleted after 7 to 10 seconds of being opened. It is a very innovative way to sharing ‘moments’ with your friends. The images cannot be viewed again once seen for their duration, just like moments can pass and not get recorded.

The Dangers of Using Snapchat

Many children think that Snapchat’s ability to delete messages permanently after being seen by the receiver saves them from any dangers. Sadly, that’s not entirely true. While people are not able to save any videos or images from a sender, they can still take a screenshot on their phones and save any image they want. Rooted Android phones even allow users to record their screens, so a video that you sent to them thinking it will be deleted forever after 10 seconds may just stay recorded on their phones forever if they so wish. Snapchat tries to circumvent this issue by informing the sender if anyone has taken a snapshot of their phone’s screen while the sender’s message was playing. This is a way to inform people that their provocative or inappropriate images have been saved by someone. However, it is not a way of ensuring that the receiver will delete the image. Moreover, there is no way to monitor rooted Android phones that may record their screen while a video is being played. People can even use their digital cameras to record or take pictures of their phone’s screen, and the sender will never know.

Talking to the Children about Potential Issues

It is important for parents to talk about these issues with their children and tell them not to send anyone anything that is inappropriate. Sexting is becoming more and more common with such apps these days. Your daughter may never know that her pictures are being saved and circulated over the internet. Bullying is also becoming an issue with this application. Parents should encourage their children to be open with them about such problems, if they ever arise. Keeping these emotions of fear and hurt bottled up can lead to devastating results in children.

Taking Matters into your own Hands

Using monitoring applications like mSpy can help you keep an eye on such threats before they happen. You can monitor various aspects of your child’s phone with mSpy, which can help you make sure that the children aren’t using applications like Snapchat for something they may regret later on in life. While these applications are a fun way of communicating with others, one should always be aware of the negative effects they might entail. It is in the hands of the parents to ensure their children’s online presence, and teaching them about the proper usage of apps like Snapchat should be your first step into doing that.

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