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Where Can I Download Cell Phone Call Blocker

There are several call blockers available on your iPhone or Android phone. You can use the native feature (if your device has it) for this purpose or you can download a 3rd party app to block annoying phone calls and messages. Let’s talk about how you can use call blocker to get rid of those unwanted phone calls. Continue reading

How to Stop Annoying Calls

Tired of getting unwanted phone calls and messages on your mobile phone? It’s time to know how to stop annoying calls on your number. Unfortunately blocking annoying incoming calls and messages is not as easy as it sounds because there is no such switch you can turn on and off to get rid of those calls and messages but luckily there are more than one ways to get it done without much effort. Let’s talk about the ways to block annoying calls. Continue reading

How to Block Unwanted Calls on Your Phone?

Want to block unwanted calls? Seems simple and easy but believe it or not, it isn’t. Even with modern devices and technologies in 2015, blocking unwanted calls is not an easy thing to do but fortunately there are some ways to do this efficiently and most importantly effectively. Let’s talk about some easy ways to block unwanted phone calls on your phone. Continue reading

Is There an App to Block Phone Numbers?

There are several different ways to get rid of annoying calls on your phone. You can choose the most suitable method based on your device and the operating system you are using. Android and iOS are two of the most popular and widely used mobile operating systems and you can block unwanted calls on these devices with a little effort. Continue reading

Where Can I Download Call Blocking App?

Though it is possible to block unwanted calls on your number using an Android or iOS device but finding the best call blocking app for your situation needs some efforts. Some manufacturers like Samsung (in some phones) allow users to do that by using the native features of their phone but that built-in call blocking feature comes with limited functionalities and probably you won’t be able to find it because due to some unknown weird reasons, manufacturers bury that feature deep in settings. Following are some 3rd party apps which you can download and install on your Android or iOS device to block annoying calls easily. Continue reading

How to Block Incoming Calls on iPhone or Android?

Android and iOS are two of the most advanced mobile operating systems available today. According to an estimate, there are more than 1 billion Android devices (phones and tablets) are being used at this moment and Apple sold almost 280 million iOS devices (iPod, iPad and iPhone) just last year. The point is, with so many fellow users, huge communities and countless forums with lots of information available for free, most of the people still don’t know how to block incoming calls on iPhone or Android phone. Let’s discuss how you can block unwanted phone calls on your Android phone or iPhone. Continue reading