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Skype Security Guide for Teens and Kids

Technology is not just for the adults anymore. At the onset of this digital world, technology was used by office workers or college students to get their work done quickly. Not anymore though. Technology today has expanded its reach to every corner of the world, and caters to all age groups. It is not just a way of checking business appointments anymore. It is a whole new lifestyle. Children are right in the middle of this new lifestyle, which opens a whole lot of dangerous doors for them. They can get exposed to things that their parents don’t want, or get in dangerous situations without intending to. Continue reading

How to Read Others Skype Messages

The internet is mankind’s exploration into absolute anarchy. It is an experiment into the excesses of creativity of the human spirit, but has also led us into the depths of our depravity. Children are growing up in this environment where the lines are increasingly blurred between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy. Information is accurate and also very much distorted and bias. It is the growing responsibility of parents everywhere to teach and guide young children on internet usage, especially when using smart phones. One area where parents can help prevent online predators from targeting your child is through monitoring of apps like Skype. Continue reading

Spying on Deleted Skype Messages Is Now Possible

Although Skype is one of the leaders in VOIP services, there are still people who know how to hack skype messages, even read deleted ones – as well as spy on camera or video chats. Why is it that a tracker app or spying software inspires a greater response in the market than most of the other hacking applications released online? I would answer this question thus: with the expanding Skype telecommunication technology, parental control is a little more than just a phrase, and worse still, criminal minds have seeped into the technology itself. It is, therefore, a common practice for parents to track and monitor their children’s online activity. It is, nevertheless, legally recommended by the makers of the concerned Skype hacking spyware app that your target device’s owner must know that he or she is being monitored, keeping in view the respect of everyone’s opinion, as should be the case. Continue reading

Is It Possible to Spy on Skype Calls of My Son?

Skype Spying

It is no longer difficult to spy on Skype calls of your son as mSpy gives you the best monitoring solution. Being a parent, you will definitely be concerned about your child and spying on them to keep a check is not a bad idea. It is indeed the need of today’s time to know about your children and their activities. Skype calls and messages of your son can be recorded on the control panel provided by mSpy. The calls and messages with time, date and other details can be recorded by using mSpy. Continue reading

What Skype Monitoring Software Can You Use

Skype is very popular software used for communicating worldwide. It is a third-party chat and call service provider used globally for business and personal use. Skype activities can be viewed with all the details. Calls, messages and other activities can be monitored by using this software and you can get all the details without missing out anything. Skype is a VOIP using best technology in cell phone stream and millions of people are using it for its ease of usability. Long distance plans can be made through skype with very less credits. Continue reading