Text Message Security Tips You Should Teach Your Children

Smartphones have made such a deep impact on our lives that we can’t even imagine spending a day without them. Everything from checking emails and making calls to watching videos and playing games can be done on modern phones today. While most of these are fun features to use, some of them can bring unseen dangers to the user, especially to unsuspecting children. With the rise in technology, a rise in cybercrime is also being seen. Children are among the primary targets of such crimes because of their ignorance to the dangers that come with mobile phone use. If you are worried that your child may be headed towards some trouble because of their text messaging habits, here are a few tips you could give them:

Don’t Converse with Strangers:

With social media so interconnected with one’s personal life today, it is easy for someone to find out the phone number of a person they would want to blackmail. Children get contacted by such people every day and it is important to let them know not to respond to messages by strangers. They should not give out their personal information to anyone at all as this could be used against them later somehow.

Don’t Share Provocative Images:

While text messaging is different than IM applications, people can still hack into or intercept someone’s messages. You should emphasize on your children the dangers of sharing their personal images with friends. These could get in the wrong hands and your child could become victim to his or her own mistakes.

Don’t Respond to Services:

With the increase in mobile communication, many organizations have taken their marketing pursuits mobile as well. They can send messages to people, tricking them into subscribing to a certain service unknowingly. Most of these services charge money, and the user doesn’t even know about it.

Don’t Open Links from Strangers:

Many times it so happens that an online predator might pose as someone trustworthy and send you a link to open. Clicking on such a link could transfer all the information on your phone to someone who is looking to blackmail you. This could lead to identity theft, which is a valid concern for a parent because people can use a child’s online identity to publicly embarrass or bully them.

Don’t Compromise on your Health and Studies:

Children today are so invested in their cell phones that they forget to take anything else seriously. Their studies can get badly affected and so can their health. Children stay awake late, talking to their friends, or play addictive games like Pokemon Go. Parents should have a serious conversation with their children about these issues so as to keep them safe from such dangers, and be able to block apps like Pokemon Go or instant messengers if they feel their kids are misusing them. If you find that it is hard to get through to your child, you could always use spy apps that can help you track the mobile usage of your child. Remember, at the end of the day you are the parent and it is your responsibility to keep your child out of harm’s way, no matter what you have to do for it.

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