Disable or Block Pokemon Go – A Guide for Parents

By now, a number of parents must have heard the words ‘Pokémon Go’ from their children. It’s crazy how popular the game has become in such a short time. For parents, the app is more of a threat than anything else though. Children are getting themselves into dangerous situations every day through the game, and parents around the globe are worried for their safety.

Getting Too Involved

Countless young ones can be seen on the roads with their faces glued to their phones, with no regards of what is happening around them. This is a major threat to their safety, as they can easily walk out on a road with heavy traffic without even noticing where they are.

From Hunter to Prey

Many reported cases of children and teens being mugged through the game have surfaced. Robbers and predators are using the app to lure young players out to secluded spots. Children fall prey to these traps and can be robbed, or worse. kids playing pokemon go

Becoming Shopaholics

The level of addiction that the game is seeing can prove to be heavy on a parent’s pocket as well. There are many in-app purchases that are just too easy to make and too hard to pass up on. Therefore, a lot of credit card bills can get stacked up on your desk if you don’t do something about it.

One Solution to All Problems

If you are worried about such issues, you’d do well to start using a tracking app. mSpy is the best of the bunch, and it is sure to help you out in these situations. With mSpy, you can always be sure of where your kids are. If you see them heading out late at night or towards an area they shouldn’t be going alone to, you can easily intervene and keep them safe. If your kids are still not listening to you, or if your particular area is getting too dangerous for such games, you can use mSpy to simply block access to the app altogether. This way, you are sure that your children are not walking into potential dangers or spending all your money without asking you. The best way to handle these kind of problems is to talk to your children about the possible threats they might face, but if the situation gets out of hand then you can always rely on mSpy’s various tracking features.

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