The Most Valuable Instagram’s Offer

Instagram’s blue verification icon is a tool for identifying the authenticity of an account, which can be issued only by the decision of the administration (responsible persons), after personal consideration of a particular case. It was originally created to install on the official accounts of major brands and famous personalities, and everyone cannot get the “cherished mark”. Even significant persons can’t get it often, because this mark has a special status. When anyone in Facebook can try to verify the page and get the success sometimes, Instagram’s analogue function is a mysterious premium stuff which is inaccessible to everyone. It is logical that this state of affairs in a popular and important place for demonstrating oneself to the public and doing profitable business causes a healthy and unhealthy demand for account verification.

Why do people want to deal with an overvalued service?

Instagram-hot-dealFirst of all, let’s call the practical convenience of verification. First, the “selected” accounts get access to the new features of the service for the first. Secondly, this is a very useful thing for business. Verified accounts are automatically moved to the top of the list for all key queries. This icon allows the brand to become higher and more visible than all niche rivals who did not get a similar feature. This ensures the development and prosperity of business in any business category. The second reason is viler, because we’re talking about the pursuit for extra status. People want to amuse their ego and put themselves in place above others without objective reasons. It works everywhere and always, and such low desires can be advantageously manipulated on an industrial scale. And if Instagram was more loyal to verification, this factor of demand would be much smaller. Here you can draw analogies with the processes of marijuana legalization all over the world. And opinion leaders (relatively speaking, people with a large audience), with this badge get more opportunities for promotional offers from brands. The brand pays for advertising good money, a person makes a PR in his highly viewed profile. The more subscribers and views, the more fees almost for nothing. It works mass today.

But is it really possible to get an “icon” without an honest competition?

Let’s see. We have a wild demand, and there are only people who are responsible for making a decision. Interested people are ready to give good money for this; it would be enough to go to these responsible persons. And people go out, getting their Instagram glory. Everything can be sold for good money in our world. The cases of Instagram verification sales are massive today; we can talk about huge black market of a single dark service. Lots of Instagram employees are involved in illegal business directly and through networks of intermediaries seeking generous clients. As practice shows, the prices in this market are too attractive, and the action on the part of the responsible person does not require any time or effort. Yes, such bribery is punished strictly in the Instagram and the caught employee leaves immediately with an appropriate spot in the reputation, but the people involved feel that it’s worth it. Let’s consider the real picture of what is happening on the conditional example. The intermediary, who initially dealt with selling short names for Instagram, received an offer to find a way to get account verification for someone at some point. He found the contact person who asked for 1200$ to do this, and this amount of money went to him. Agent’s earnings for each deal were depended on value of the action to a client. This is clarified during the conversation and there is no clear boundary for the service. All the matter, again, this is the factor of vanity. Something has to do with the importance of verifying an account for business, since it’s very difficult to integrate into some popular niches. Especially if you are rooting from scratch. You paid once, you starts selling goods and services immediately (relatively speaking). The price was from $ 1500 (agent’s charge is $ 300) to $ 7000. There are cases of selling a “tick” for $ 15,000 from other agents. Also, the price is often tied to the fame of the target account. Verification can be cheaper if the brand or person has established their presence in the media and other publicly available channels. Gradually, the service becomes more difficult to access, but the question still can be solved. Read more about here: is-instagram- verification-worth- on-the-black market/

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