Best SMS Tracker App

We use our mobile phones for everything these days. Our kids seem to be growing up with a cell phone surgically attached to their hands leaving parents wondering just who it is they are texting and whether or not they should be concerned about what they are talking about. Mobile phones as well as messages have also become an integral part of the work place as well, especially for businesses who have employees working out in the field or who work from home.

Top 3 SMS Trackers

9.5 / 10
Compatible with:
  • Keystroke logger;
  • Monitoring of deleted text messages;
  • Blocking functions, calls restriction;
  • Instant Messengers monitoring;
  • Satellite address locator & GPS tracking, Geo-Fencing;
  • Wi-Fi monitoring;
  • No jailbreak

mSpy Review: Best Tracking App For Modern Parents


mSpy seems to be the best cell phone tracker app, preferred by most people over the years. That is due to its functionality. This top tracking app offers over attractive and handy features as well as multi-language 24/7 customer support.

9 / 10
Compatible with:
  • Keystroke Capture;
  • Social Spotlight;
  • Pinpoint;
  • Plans Breaker;
  • Files Finder;
  • Web Magnifier;
  • Connection Blocker;
  • Magic Alerts;
  • Phone Analyze;
  • Invisible Shield;
  • Friendly Installer;

eyeZy Review


Looking for the most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet? You deserve a monitoring app for parental control that keeps up with tomorrow’s technology. You deserve eyeZy.

8.5 / 10
Compatible with:
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices;
  • Easily accessible from any browser;
  • WhatsApp, SMS, call logs, GPS & 25 more features;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Free online help with initial installation;

Moniterro Review


Moniterro gives you the ability to filter, block and monitor how your child uses their mobile phone.

There are many different reasons why you might choose to track someone’s SMS on their phone hiddenly. If you are already in search of the best, then we will assume you have one of those reasons in mind already and so we won’t go into much detail other than to say the most common use of phone SMS tracker (view Demo) is to either monitor a family members messages for their safety (usually a child or teenager) or in a business environment to ensure that employees do not misuse company mobile devices. One thing is certain – you will want the best option possible and that is why we have put together our list of the top 5 on the market.


Free Apps

If you are not sure about using a text messages tracker you might want to look for a free monitoring option online before handing over any cash so that you can try it out for yourself and see how easy it is and how valuable it is. However, if you do decide to try a free text messages phone monitor, be aware, you may not have access to all of the features that you would on a paid version of the same app so you may not get an accurate picture of how the phone software performs.

Luckily, the most advanced phone and SMS monitoring application – mSpy – is now available in the trial version, so you can easily use it for 7 days just for 1$.

How To Choose a SMS Tracker?

If you are ready to go ahead and download SMS tracker software (view Demo), then it is important that you spend some time looking at as many different reviews as possible so that you can make an informed decision about which remote text messages spy is going to be the best one to meet your individual needs. Most phone spying tools also offer call monitoring and GPS tracking as well as various other features. However, you should not pay for messages monitoring app that has lots of features if you are not all likely to actually make use of them! The best thing to do is to study SMS tracker reviews and then use them to create a shortlist of phone apps to take a closer look at.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

We have interviewed clients of top spy apps on the Internet, such as mSpy, MobileSpy, Moniterro to collect some questions. Then we addressed Customer Support to present you with correct answers and help choose your best spy app!

How can I track an SMS?

To track SMS on the target smartphone, you need to install the spy app on this device. After installation, log into your web-based account to get full access to someone’s texts.

What is the best free SMS Tracker for Android?

Among available SMS trackers for Android, mSpy, and Moniterro stand out. mSpy has slightly more benefits offering remote installation and full assistance with the setup of the app.

How can I track text messages from another phone?

To track text messages from another phone, you only need to access your web-based panel. The spy app will collect the messages on the target phone and upload it to your panel.

How do I get rid of hidden SMS tracker?

To remove the hidden SMS tracker from the phone, you need to log in to your panel. Here you will be able to deactivate the subscription and delete the app.

Is it possible to intercept text messages?

It is indeed possible if you use a powerful spy app. The app will collect the messages secretly and transfer them to your online account. There you can read all the messages.

How can I monitor someone’s text messages?

To monitor someone’s text messages, you need to install and set up the spy app on their phone. Then you can read the messages this person sends and receives.

Can text messages be traced after they are erased?

With a spy app, you can trace all erased messages. The app captures text the moment they are received or sent, so you will see them even if the owner of the device deleted them.

How to retrieve deleted text messages from someone else’s phone?

The spy app automatically retrieves text messages from someone else’s phone. The only thing you need to do is to install the app on the phone you plan to track.

How to see when a text message was sent on someone else’s phone?

You will see all unread messages in your web-based panel. The messages will be grouped into two folders: sent and received. New messages will be highlighted.

How to track cell phone location by text message? / Can you track the location of a text message?

There is no direct method to track the cell phone’s location by text messages. Although the spy app has a GPS tracking feature, which will help you to find someone’s location.

Can you install spy software on a cell phone remotely?

You can’t install cell phone spy software on anyone’s smartphone remotely. Physical access is required. The whole process won’t take longer than 3 minutes of your time.