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7 Best Free Undetectable Spy App on Android [100% Safe]

Data privacy has become a hot button issue, and industry leaders have come under increasing pressure to do more to guard smartphone users’ privacy that can be breached by free spy apps. Android’s security is increasingly being beefed up by the day, diminishing the effectiveness of many spyware and techniques for spying on Android. The simpler, cruder spy methods have become redundant, and you now need highly sophisticated tools and techniques to spy on Android.

Thankfully, some sophisticated tools and techniques do not require huge budgets or high technical accuracy. We’ve scoured through wads of spy solutions for Android, and we’ve spent copious hours testing each product to put together this review of the best free spy apps for Android. We’ve picked our solutions based on criteria like non-jailbreak installation, stealth operation, remote installation and operation, and free trial offers. We also picked free spy apps for Android-based on the rate at which they’re updated to ensure that they’re here to stay and are not some fly-by-night solutions.

Who Will Benefit from Our Selection?


Smartphones and the Internet can easily engross kids in their formative minds and lure them down the wrong path. It might be a pedophile, an online predator, online bullies, or even addictive gaming sites. While your kids are still building their sense of judgment, it’s the duty of parents to guide them, directly and indirectly, to help them make the right choices. Our selection will help parents easily keep close tabs on everything their kids are doing on their Android phones to protect them from the dark side of smartphone use.


If your spouse really loves you and wants you to be an essential part of their lives, they shouldn’t have any problem with you being aware of all their smartphone activities. Even if your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t cool with that, our selection still provides you with means for spying on them behind their backs. With our selection, they won’t be able to hide anything from you, so you can decide whether they’re worthy of your trust and loyalty.


Employees who’ve promised to remain loyal to their employers and refrain from any activity detrimental to the business’s interest should also not have anything to hide from their employers. Our Android spy app selection allows employers to keep tabs on their employee’s social media activities, call records, text messages, and even their whereabouts. With our recommended Android spy apps, you’ll always get a step ahead of your employees whenever they try to do something fishy.

№1 mSpy – Best Free and Hidden Spy App for Android 

mSpy is a parental control app that rules our rooster of the best free spy apps for Android thanks to its unparalleled array of features and functions. mSpy is a one-stop spying solution that allows you to keep tabs on a child, spouse, employee’s smartphone activities remotely anywhere, anytime, without a fuss.

The Strongest Features in Spy Software History 

The mSpy app strikes a fine balance between sophistication and simplicity, allowing you to unearth an exhaustive range of phone data without steep technical expertise or huge budgets. You can easily access details of text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, social media activities, current and previous locations, and other phone data, all with the click of a few buttons. Furthermore, mSpy is equipped with a Keylogger that records every keystroke typed.

Users also enjoy excellent technical support that they can always rely on 24/7 from the installation and all through the app use. The rock-solid technical support ensures that the app serves your monitoring needs efficiently at all times.


Besides striking an incredible balance between high-tech capabilities and ease of use, mSpy also ranks as the best spy app for Android because of its stealth operations. It can siphon massive amounts of data from the target phone without leaving behind any cue.

Its noiseless, incognito operations do not draw down any significant amount of phone resources like battery charge, processing power, or memory space. It doesn’t put up any symbol or icon on your phone, nor does it show up the app list on the phone’s settings.

Your target will never have the slightest idea that their phone data is leaking, not to talk of tracing the monitoring campaign back to you. Even if they’re tech-savvy enough to find traces of the spying activities, they’ll never be able to tie it back to you, so you’ll always come out unscathed in the worst case.

How to Install mSpy on Any Android?

Step 1: Register for your mSpy account: First, sign up for your mSpy account on the app’s official website. You’ll need to take a few minutes to fill out your personal details on the signup page.

Step 2: Choose a subscription package: After signing up for an account, you’ll then be taken to a page listing various subscription options. Choose the one that suits your monitoring needs the most, select the payment option of your choice, and then confirm your payment. You’ll then receive a confirmation email containing the details of the transaction and a guide for setting up and using it.

Step 3: Install the app: This might be the most difficult step in the setup process. Once you download an apk, you need to find a way to tactfully get a hold of the target phone to install it. All you need is just a few minutes of time alone with the target phone, and once it’s installed for the first time, you’ll be able to do everything else remotely from then on.

Step 4: Begin monitoring the target phone: You can begin your spy campaign when you lay down the target phone after installing the app. From then on, you’ll be able to view the target phone’s data no matter where you or the target might be.

Try mSpy for Free 

Not sure if mSpy can deliver the tracking solutions you need? You can try out the program risk for free to see if it’s truly worth spending your money. With mSpy’s free trial, you can deploy myriads of spying features without paying a single cent upfront. No credit card details are required – just your email address and some other personal details. 

We’re convinced that what you’ll discover about your loved ones during the free trial will compel you to pay to enjoy a suitable subscription plan for longer.

№2 LetMeSpy

LetMeSpy is another top-notch spy software for Android that discloses a wide range of phone data through stealth, traceless operations. Once you have the app downloaded on the target phone, it allows you to track calls, SMS, social media activities, etc. on a target phone from a browser of any device secretly.

That implies that with the app, you can check up on the activities on a target cell phone on your smartphone, PC, tablet, office computer, or any device at your disposal. You don’t need to have your smartphone with you in order to check up on your loved ones.

Wherever you might be, with LetMeSpy, so long as you have access to a device that can browse, you’ll always be able to keep track of who your kids are chatting with online, or who your spouse is calling or texting, or where your employees go out to during time on the clock without touching their Android devices.

№3 FreeAndroidSpy

This is another effective, user-friendly spy tool that can help you mine data from a target phone without them knowing. It’s particularly a highly cost-effective option because not only is it free to use, it’s also designed to function with low-data consumption. The app sends data to your private member area periodically over Wi-Fi connections only, helping keep your mobile data expenses to the minimum no matter how extensive your spying campaign is.

You can use the app to receive constant updates about incoming/outgoing calls, sent/received text messages, previous/current locations, shared multimedia files, friends lists, group lists, contact lists, etc. of the target phone.

As a well-rounded surveillance tool, it also gives you access to details of the target phone’s specs, including the operating system, serial number, SIM serial number, and even the phone number. This can help you easily track the phone if it’s lost or stolen.

The app also comes with excellent technical support to ensure that it serves your spying needs at all times. You can always expect a prompt response whether you’re reaching out to the live chat desk on the app’s official website or emailing the support team.

№4 Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another free, efficient Android spy app that reveals conversations on a target phone to you with the click of just a few buttons. Like the other apps in this review, Hoverwatch also comes with important benefits like stealth operations, access to a wide range of phone data, and reliable technical support.

But one advantage that marks Hoverwatch apart from the others is one subscription’s coverage for multiple devices. With a single subscription, you can monitor up to 5 different devices. That means you can monitor what many members of your household or team are doing on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and other messaging platforms.

№5 SpyHuman 

With SpyHuman, you can snoop what your kids, spouse, and employees are doing on a wide range of social media platforms without the need to root their Android phone or carry out any steep technical steps. This service is super-easy to install and operate, and you’ll also get to enjoy 24/7 technical support. Users can also rely on an anti-theft feature that can help them easily track a missing or stolen phone.

To use the app, simply register for your free account on the app’s official website, download it on the target website, log into your user dashboard on your phone, and begin monitoring your target’s activities.

№6 Spyera

Spyera takes free Android monitoring capabilities to another level, incorporating call recording functions and other features not available in most other spy apps. With Spyera, you can listen to live phone calls, as well as VoIP calls on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, LINE, etc. You can also record the calls to listen to them anywhere, anytime.

The app also gives you remote access to the target phone’s microphone, so you can turn it on to listen in on what’s going on in the target’s surroundings. Besides listening and recording calls and sounds on the target phone, you can also use Spyera to spy on text messages, shared multimedia files, and location data on the target phone.

№ 7 Phone Tracker

This app is particularly geared toward helping reveal the identity of the people your loved ones and employees are keeping in touch with. Besides giving you access to the target phone’s call log and SMS data, the app also comes with a free reverse phone lookup feature that allows you to look up the identity of whoever your loved ones are interacting with. The app also provides you with GPS and geofencing features that will enable you to monitor the previous and current locations of the target’s phone. And with one single subscription, you can monitor up to 5 different smartphones.

Closing Thoughts

You are now just a few clicks away from deploying a powerful Android spy app to keep abreast of everything your loved ones are doing on their smartphones. The best free spy apps for Android in these reviews are super-easy to use and install. Plus, they also come with excellent 24/7 technical support.

Among free spy apps, mSpy is the best option to choose from as it provides an unmatched array of functionalities, with more additional features being added by the day to enhance the app’s spying prowess.


What Is the Best Free Spy App for Android?

mSpy is a legitimate spy app that comes with an exhaustive array of spying functions that unearths every bit of information about activities on the target phone without leaving any stone unturned or leaving behind any traces.

Can I install a Spyware Application Without Root?

Android phones come with certain restrictions that limit the functionality of spyware applications, and rooting is needed to remove these restrictions. 

Can I Spy on Android Without Installing Any Software?

That’s only possible with iPhones where you can access all the user’s phone data using their iCloud credentials.

Is Spy Apps on Android Invisible?

The best spy apps do not leave behind any trace of a presence on the target phone, not on the home screen, app menu, or settings windows. Hence, if you opt for mSpy, you can be pretty sure to stay undetected.

Are Android Spy Apps Really Free?

You’ll be able to enjoy top-notch spy features of the best Android spy apps for free but only for a limited number of days.