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A New Way to Cross-Check WhatsApp’s Forwarded Messages Chain

Way to Cross-Check WhatsApp’s Forwarded Messages Chain

WhatsApp has taken steps to protect its users from the current of false information that seems to be plaguing instant messengers. After several months of trial, the app team launched another handy feature for its users. It is a new way to cross-check the forwarded message as an antidote for this ‘infodemic.’

Learn how to take advantage of this tool and verify the info you receive. 

How Will This Feature Work?  

Earlier, WhatsApp had a particular forwarded label with one arrow, but now there will be two arrows to help you define a specific message that has not been written by any of your contacts. 

Moreover, the magnifying glass icon next to forwarded messages will allow you to check the information directly. When you tap on the icon, a pop-up box of Google search will appear for the message you want to cross-check. The message will be uploaded to your browser so you can compare search results with its content and see how accurate the message is.

Limitations on Forwarding

Additionally, WhatsApp has introduced limitations on the number of times a message can be forwarded. You can only send the same message to someone else once if it has been forwarded within the system less than five times. And double arrow now marks the frequently forwarded messages.


WhatsApp new fact-checking feature aims to curb any spamming attempts and handle fake news without actually reviewing messages. The update targets misinformation in the first place, but it is also operational as a safety measure against potential viruses and spyware attacks.

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