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Best Phone Tracker App to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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Although spy apps and services were designed and developed to help parents and employers to protect their kids and businesses but many people know how to use these cell apps to catch cheating spouse red handed after finding some irrefutable cheater signs. Modern spy services have powerful features like text message and call monitoring, internet usage, free IM and social media spying, GPS tracking as well as some other features. Yet it is difficult to tell one name as the best online phone tracker to catch a cheating partner – wifes/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends as different softwares have different features and ways, compatible devices like Android and IPhone and price. Let’s talk about some of the best software briefly.

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FlexispyFlexiSpy is a great online tracker and service that is packed with all the basic and advanced features you need to spy on your cheating partner but unfortunately this service is not available for desktop computers but only compatible with iOS, Android,Symbian and BlackBerry devices. It has call tracing feature, GPS tracing, stealth mode, Viber and BBM spy as well as message interception. FlexiSpy is available for $69, $99 and $149 for 1, 3 and 12 months subscription respectively. Other than the lack of desktop computer and laptop support, FlexiSpy is a useful app to find a cheating spouse.


mobistealthMobiStealth has tons of features and unlike FlexiSpy, it also support desktop computers and laptops aside from cell phones. MobiStealth has email spy feature, text message checking, call tracking, internet usage monitoring, knowing the location, WhatsApp spyware as well as BBM monitoring. It is available on desktop platforms and mobile platforms including iOS, Android,Symbian and BlackBerry but it is not available on non-jailbroken IPhones. As a majority of married men and women does not jailbreak their wifes/husbands boyfriends/girlfriends (or even doesn’t know how to do it) iOSdevices, MobiStealth has a huge disadvantage as compared to other similar services if you want to check your spouse’s phone without letting her/him know. MobiStealth does not offer trial subscription but users can get it the basic $20 package that is available for 2 weeks. 3 and 6 months packages are available for $80 and $120 respectively.


spyeraAs being told, Spyera is compatible with desktop computers, iOS devices including iPhone and iPad, Android devices including smartphones and tablets, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. Spyera is loaded with amazing and powerful features that you would love to see in a app to catch your unfaithful boyfriend or gf. It has call spy option, message, VoIP and IM monitoring, social media and gallery tracker. Spyera is well known because of its support for different IM and free social media apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts, BBM, iMessage and Snapchat, which is used by your partner and can be identified as a signs of an cheater affair. You can get it for $50, $60 and $70 for 3, 6, and 12 months respectively on desktop computers and the cell phone version starts from $150.

Highster Mobile

highster mobileHighster Mobile is available for iOS and Android phones only that is a disadvantage as many people prefer apps in a way that also support desktop computers. This phone tracker has call, messages, email monitoring, GPS, multimedia tracking and some other powerful features to catch a cheating wife/husband. Unlike most of the other services, Highster Mobile is available via one-time fee of $70 that is an advantage it has over other apps.


  • Do I have to installed the apps in my husband phone? Meaning do I need to have his cell with me to installed the spy app.

  • Hi am James and I am interested with the this best tracker because it may give out some people who are interested in family and friends affairs.

  • where could i get this Highster Mobile or Spyera. If available how could i get it and how to use it

    • Hi, Tshering. This is article about best phone tracker apps. So, if you need to install it then you can write to support team (Highster Mobile or Spyera). Tshering… I thought we had an understanding.

    • Hi, Lisa. You must have physical access to the target device, or you can install the mobile phone tracker remotely. In both cases, you have to know the target device password, otherwise, it is impossible to install the app.

    • Hi, Jimmy. You can know this using cell phone tracker. There are a lot of spy app on the market, mSpy is the most popular one. mSpy allows to track GPS location, SMS, calls, messaging apps, control apps and programmes, view multimedia files. It is compatible both with Android and iOS devices and easy to install, the installation process takes only several minutes.

    • Hi, Eric. The best way to know is to use a spy app. Mobile phone trackers allow to track any online activity, SMS, ingoing and outgoing calls, social media, browser history, photos, and have a phone location tracker. With the help of phone tracker, you can know the location of your girlfriend, whom she chats with, what sites she visits more often.

    • Hi, Sallay. To track messages, you have to install and set app any phone tracker app on the target phone. After the successful installation process, all the collected data will be available on your Control Panel. For example, the best GPS tracker app for cheating spouse mSpy except for SMS monitors calls, instant messengers WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Snapchat, and Facebook, email, GPS location, apps usage, multimedia files, Internet activity, and much more.

  • can i access my fiancee android phone if I’m far away from him. i have an i phone and he has android.

    • Hi Teresa. Yes, you can track your fiancee phone when you are away. You need to install, set up any phone tracker application software, and start tracking his phone. Note.. that you should install an app on your fiancee phone, not on your own.

  • Is there an app that can be remote installed and give reliable access for listening and recording the target device surroundings?

    • The best phone tracker app I’ve stumbled upon was mSpy. You can check out their full list of features on their website to see whether their app can help you out with that.

  • I had suspicions and spy phone app told me more than I thought. I had gps recordings and pictures and I found out who the man really was!!! I was married to someone who never existed… Iʼm thankful for this app…

    • I’m happy that a phone tracker app helped you figure out the situation and get out of a bad relationship. Hope it will be useful to you in the future as well!

  • hi

    please help I need to track my fiancé’s phone as I think his cheating,

    the problem I have is that I don’t have access to his phone , he doesn’t want me to touch the phone , so how do I install the app to his phone?

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