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GeoZilla Review

How many times did you send a “where are you” text message (SMS) or call? Or, more important, how many times were you worried about your children’s location or whereabouts? Parents are usually concerned about these conditions for their loved ones. This feeling isn’t new anyway, but thanks to the improved technology worldwide, people can make a difference right now, and stop worrying so much about this. Family location tracking software is a reality, thanks to GPS and smartphones, and is an extremely useful tool that will bring tranquility and peace to parents, children and any family member or friend. Yes, friends too, since you can easily lose them in a concert or certain place and you’ll be able to find them.

GeoZilla Best Location Tracker

  • No more ‘where are you’ messages & calls
  • Battery-friendly location tracking
  • Map your family & friends at any given moment
  • Get notified when they leave/arrive a place
  • Chat free

GeoZilla, a location tracking app developed in United Kingdom, is the main project that is making family safety something real and easy to achieve thanks to its wonderful services. This app allows users to check their family member’s location, places visited, and more. It can also be connected with other important apps like Facebook and Swarm, so when your child posts something via this software, you can retrieve their location without annoying them too much or spending too much battery for this task.

But maybe you are wondering: Is GeoZilla really that efficient? Will it destroy my phone’s battery? Is it precise? Well, good news: GeoZilla uses Wi-Fi and cellphone towers instead of using GPS all the time. This means the app can provide a very precise location without wasting too much battery, and you can use it anywhere in the world. GeoZilla developers were aware of this contemporary issue, so they invested time and effort on creating a service that won’t consumpt your phone’s battery. Isn’t that great? However, you can choose to use GPS tracking if you need an extremely precise tracking. The app is also very user-friendly, so any person can use it without problems.

GeoZilla has other useful tools, like location history, an alert when a family members reaches or leaves some place (called “geofencing”), circle members that can be easily added by email invitation, and more. It is free to use in its basic mode, and you can pay a monthly fee to unblock GeoZilla’s full version, with features extended.

You can download GeoZilla for Android and iOS, and start using family location tracking to live peaceful and safe days, and never feel worried about your child or family member’s location.

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