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How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat Messages?

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Snapchat has gained popularity amongst IM programs for smartphones. It helps in sending disposable pictures in Snapchat contact list. It is different than others because it sends messages through images or videos with attachments. After a few seconds (max 10 sec), the images are erased from the device.

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Is Snapchat Good for Kids?

mSpy gives spying feature for snapchats also and the software is gaining popularity among youngsters to dispose off any chats or data being shared. If you are specifically a parent and looking for spying software option, then you can’t miss an opportunity to monitor Snapchat along with other activities. mSpy is the preferred solution for your spying needs as it features uncommon snapchat conversation monitoring.


TOP 3 Snapchat Spy Apps

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IM conversations are quite popular in present times and people prefer doing IM conversations rather than regular text messages or calls. Snapchat is mostly used by teenagers who choose snapchat for the perception that the message will disappear shortly. Though pictures or videos disappear, but snapshots can be still taken for misusing. Snapchat can be monitored through mSpy and being a parent, you can get to know all the activities of your children by making use of the sophisticated spying tools offered by mSpy.

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Why to Monitor Snapchat?

It is used by business persons to share sensitive information, which can’t be given to everyone. There can be cheating employees sharing the information by thinking that it would disappear in a while. The basic aim is to get every activity caught without missing out anything. mSpy would be helpful in giving you everything you need from a mobile spying software apps. If your main aim is spying, then you must go for mSpy to fulfill your requirements of Snapchat tracking and monitoring. mSpy is one of a few companies giving monitoring solution for spying and Snapchat facility would be included in the comprehensive package for spying.


    • Clearly there are various situations, but monitoring the phone of own child is just a measure of caring. Sometimes it may be superfluous, but there are also cases when it can help prevent bad things to happen.

        • Obviously you must be a child yourself. Kids will always investigate and experiment out of curiosity, no matter how well educated he/she is. But there is NO privacy in internet, the criteria is this:
          **If goverment, hackers, thiefs, identity criminals, and other third parties have access to my child’s information, so should I.** especially when a naturally and understably inexperienced family member can put my entire family’s financial, physical and emotional well being at Massive risk. Internet (home wifi based, celular based or even when roaming in other networks) is a gate to my house, and is my responsibility to guard it, a(think of it same as is my responsibility to keep a gun to defend it of burglars and criminals. I would use spyware as weapons against intruders to defend my child, not as a weapon against the child.

    • I like how a lot of kids are here to downgrade this, this is for your safety and I’m 12 are parents don’t want us to have sex or drugs at a early age.

    • This is not about spying but being able to support your child. I have just been through a harrowing ordeal with cyber bullying and accusations of inappropriate requests and suggestions. Thankfully my son took some advice from an older student and screen shots were taken, otherwise he could well of been in real trouble. Not all children will act that way.

  • If you get this, you have some problems. You may think that watching every breath your child takes is doing good, but in the end, on their 18th birthday, don’t expect them to become what you wanted them to be. It won’t happen.

  • All you winning about parents spying on their children are idiots because cellphones and other electronic devices are a privilege and should be earned. If children are going to abuse these privileges then they do not deserve to have them. Too many kids these days are doing way too many inappropriate things on these social media sites and on their phones. Some parents care what their children are doing whereas others could care less if their children are running the streets crazy, drinking, doing drugs and having sex. It’s our Job to protect care and guide them.

    • Well said! Too much innocence is lost too young. Kids can see and hear things (sexual-drugs/drinking) too easily on these phone apps and they come to think it is “normal”. Interested to see how monogamist relationships are going to be in the next 10 years…. Probably very low compared to now. Kids (mostly boys) by 13 have already seen too much inappropriate sexual situations and will start to thinks it’s the “normal” way to have a relationship. So being able to monitor what your kids see and do is so important, so you can discuss things with them to guide them in the right direction and be a GOOD parent not a “blind sided/look the other way/don’t give a crap” parent!!!

  • I can somewhat understand this but I can also see the point of leaving them to their privacy I’ve always had a bit of a hands off approach though so I guess its up to the person getting the app what they do with it… although I do have to admit it is a bit creepy

  • Nobody wants to “spy” on their kids but some of the technology available to teenagers today (specifically Snapchat) wasn’t available even 5 years ago so we are having to change our parenting techniques to ensure our teens are acting responsibly. That’s our job as parents. As for the two negative comments above, clearly they are from teenagers or irresponsible parents who don’t care to take the time to ensure their child’s behavior is appropriate. Can’t wait to try out the app. 🙂

  • I work in the Information Security Industry and fully support parents that install monitoring software on their children’s mobile devices. It is not about spying on your children, it is about protecting them from online predators that want to abuse them (physically and mentally). Children have completely different challenges to when I was a child and parents need to adapt to this modern online world.
    As I have said is it about protecting your children and any monitoring should be done with your child’s knowledge, explaining to them why this is necessary. If you are open with them, you will more likely get their support. A child that is aware of the issues is more likely to spot them and be willing to discuss them with you.

  • Reality check folks – It’s neither ‘babysitting’ nor ‘stalking’ (or ‘spying’) when they’re YOUR kids! The big question is what to do with this information when you find it. Teenagers are not much physically, emotionally or developmentally different than they were 30 or 300 years ago. They’re already surrounded by friends, bullies, supporters and detractors. The list of PARENTS is pretty short. Live up to it!

  • Here’s the deal: If you *think spying on a kid is SO bad, then how about businesses spying on their employees? Why is this acceptable? After all, you are being paid [by employer] but consent to ‘spying’. If you don’t like it, you could leave for another employer, however, will the next employer use the same or similar ‘spying’ techniques? Face it, technology (especially social) is leading us, in general, to the gutter (along with a host of other diversions). My teenager has ‘consented’ to the ‘random’ nature of my spying. As a parent, I am supporting my teenager fully with a good home and environment for which we work hard for. The ‘teen’ is still ‘coming of age’. They can simply get over it, or get on their own. Frankly, if you’ve raised them right to this point, they’ll just ‘get over it’ and get on with life..that involves periodic monitoring.

  • Children don’t need privacy they need protection. My child knows there is know privacy until the roof of the house is in their name! I am well aware of what teenager are capable of doing and the possible consequences to those actions; if that means putting spyware on my child phone to keep them safe… so be it! My child knows my rules, if they don’t like them, then they don’t need to use technology and can leave when they turn 18 after they graduate!

  • You wouldn’t have to spy on their phone activities if you stupid parents didn’t buy children phones. If they are not at least 16 then they should not have a personal phone. No different then letting your 13 year old play online games with strangers on xbox live. Would you let your kids play with teens and adult strangers unsupervised? Be a better parent rather then just spying.

  • our kids phones are a privilege – not a right. if they want to use the latest and greatest apps, i trust them to be responsible about it. so far, both kids have proven to be irresponsible so their phones are in spymode. if they want to be assholes, they’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

  • My 14 tear old daughter is sleeping with a 16 tear old drug dealer who has also been convicted of stabbing someone. She sends naked photographs of her and him to her circle. Is this a good reason to check it ??

    • I no exactly wat ur going thru my situation is very similar with my now 15 year old but she started do n those things wen she was 13 n I don’t no y she is acting this way so yes I would so use this app its not about invading there privacy its about leading them in the right path.

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