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How can you track iMessage on iPhones and ipads?

Track iMessage on iPhones and iPads

When you shop for mobile phones, you have mainly two options with you- iOS or Android. Many people opt for android and give preference to the iPad or iPhones. This can be due to iMessage feature available in the Apple product. Text messages have been one of the cheapest ways to communicate with anyone and its speed of transmission is also incomparable.

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Is It Possible to Track Imessage

Although people still use the text messaging services but the instant messaging apps like Snapchat, iMessage, WhatsApp or Skype are on the rise among the smartphone users. These apps allow you to enjoy fast messaging facility and that too free of cost. All you need is to have an Internet connection. Maximum smartphone users carry data plan and thus there is an exponential increase in the number of users of these apps.

mSpy Whatsapp

It might happen that your child is too much engrossed in messaging via these applications which can be a reason of concern for you. Imagine a situation where you can actually monitor all the messages and chats that your kids are exchanging with their friends or anyone else. The iPhone SMS tracking software like the mSpy is intended to provide extreme peace of mind to the worrying parent. There are number of features available in the spy app that will let you to track all the activities of your kids. With the iPhones and iPads being very common among kids, they send or receive instant messages every now and then from their friends. It can happen that their number might get into the hands of unscrupulous people who can send them harmful messages or lead them to wrong directions or even there are messages from their friends that might be morally unacceptable to you.


Spy on the iMessage without the Cellphone

You can view all the iMessages without even having the cell phone physically with the help of mSpy tracking app. All you need to do it have the cell phone for few minutes and secretly install the app to your kid’s iPhone or iPad. Once the app is in its place, you will now have full access to the messages on their phones. You can track all messages from their iPhone on your laptop remotely by logging onto your account and get to know the people your child is exchanging messages with. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always check the messages by going online. The messages are frequently updated to the account automatically so that you know about any happenings at that very instant.

mSpy Is Not Only for iOS

The cost of this app might be worrying you a bit. To ease you out, you can enjoy all the benefits of the app at just $39.99. There are lots of other facilities that this app has to offer other than just monitoring the iMessage. Not to mention, there are Android SMS tracking and other cross-platform features as well.

It might happen that your child decides to shift to android and no more be using iMessage. Well, mSpy is capable enough to track other instant messaging apps present in Android devices as well. You can visit the website to know about the full functionality of the app.


  • How many children can you track at once? What if I have more than one child, how can I tell which ones are sending the messages?

    • Hi, Gabe. At once you can track one child. One subscription anticipates one child. How to track an iPhone for 2-3 kids? With one account you can track a few, each having a separate subscription. Or, switch from one to another periodically within one account. For 2-3 kids, they usually provide discounts. Feel free to contact the customer care team.

  • My ex-husband has been using this App to spy on messaging between my son and me. How do I stop him from doing this – ie is there a way to remove it from my son’s iphone and ipad?

  • Does this work on the most current iOS for Apple? As of 41217? So even if they are not syncing your iMessages they are still available to view?

    • Hi, Kwatts. Yes, it works for the most current iOS, provided a user knows iCloud credentials and no 2-factor authentication is required. iMessages are not available without the synchronization. Those are visible which were upon the last one. When using apps to track iPhone, it’s crucial for the data’s timely delivery to the Control Panel. Could you explain what you meant by “41217” for us to give you the correct answer?

  • I don’t have access to his phone an I don’t have their iCloud information. All I have is their name an phone number is there a way to track their text messages?

  • If I have someone else’s Ipad with me, I know their Apple ID and password, how do I see all of their IMessages on that Ipad ?

    Will that other person know if I can see their messages on IMessage?

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