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How to Choose Who Sees You Online on Facebook Messenger?

Choose Who Sees You Online on Facebook Messenger

If you have lots of friends on social media, it’s almost impossible that there won’t be one or two people who pester you with annoying messages, request for you to join an application, or buzz you the moment you come online.

How to Get Into Someone’s Facebook Messages?

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But then you aren’t just going to leave social media because of that; instead, you can develop a strong resistance that ensures your mental sanity while also giving you a social life. If you want to surf the internet and use social media in peace without ignoring your friends (a move that may be termed rude), you can learn how to choose who sees you online on Facebook Messenger. 

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How to Choose Who Sees You Online on Facebook?

It’s possible to be private, even on social media. You only have to choose who sees you online and who doesn’t. To appear offline on Facebook, here’s what you should do:

  1. Log into your Facebook account, then go to “Account,” click on “Edit Friends.”
  2. Press the “Create List” button.
  3. Do not go through your whole friend list. Click on any name you wish to add. Alternatively, you can type the name you want to add on the box labeled “Enter a name” once the name comes up, click on “Create List.”
  4. Tap the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen, then gear the image to open the chat options.
  5. Select “Limit Availability” if you wish the list of friends earlier selected to be unable to chat with you. You can also select “Make Me Available To” if you would rather have the selected friends be the only ones to see you online.
  6. Open the chat box settings, then uncheck the “Available to Chat” option, the list of your friends online will disappear, making you entirely invincible for them. 


If you feel choked and overloaded with your social life or just don’t like the prying eyes of everyone on you, you can do something about it. You can enjoy the use of social media without sacrificing your privacy. In this article, we have shown you ways of appearing offline even when you are not. So, go ahead and activate these settings if you wish. You deserve your privacy and peace.

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