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A Guide to Using the New WhatsApp Dark Mode

whatsapp dark mode

The dark mode has been around for a while and is known to be extremely popular among developers. It is also the latest hit on social networks and messengers. WhatsApp does not stay behind and follows the latest trends. It has recently implemented this option as well. You can activate it on both Android and iOS. Here are the steps to follow to enable this mode right now!

Steps to Using the WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS

These are the simple instructions to activate WhatsApp dark mode on iOS:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Choose Display, and then tap Select Theme.
  3. From the available themes, choose Dark.
  4. Return to Settings, and hit About Phone. Find Build Number and press it seven times.
  5. Activate the Developer option mode. Turn on Override Force-Dark.
  6. Turn off the wallpaper to use the dark mode to its full potential. Do that by heading to WA settings, and then choosing Wallpaper. 
  7. Deactivate the current wallpaper and enjoy using the new interface.

Steps to Using the WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android

It takes only three steps to activate the dark mode on an Android phone:

  1. Head to Settings, and then General. 
  2. Pick Display Accommodations in the Accessibility subcategory. 
  3. Turn on the Smart Invert option in the Invert Colors submenu. 
  4. Change the WhatsApp wallpaper. 
  5. Head to WA Settings, and then Wallpaper. You need to turn it off or pick a picture that fits the dark mode.


The WhatsApp dark mode is easy to activate on your phone. With this guide at your disposal, the entire process shouldn’t take you more than a minute. You can now enjoy the dark mode, a fresh experience, and a better option for your eyes in low-light conditions.

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