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How to Forward Someone’s Text Messages to Your Phone?

How to Forward Someone's Text Messages to Your Phone

Text messaging is deeply ingrained in life in modern society. Texting is one of the most widely-used channels of communication — oftentimes preferred over calling. It’s a convenient means to stay in touch because it allows people to read and send out correspondences at their convenience, compared to calls, which require immediate attention.

On average, Americans check their phones 42 times a day to read or send text messages. On a global stage, some 15.2 million text messages float in the air every minute. But despite the perceived convenience and safety that accompany it, text messaging can be easily compromised — as has been done in countless cases. That usually happens in high-profile cases involving government espionage or mass surveillance programs.

However, there are also many ways everyday folks can go around the security of text messages. But most of these methods aren’t stealthy and can easily give you away. In this guide, you’ll learn how to forward text messages using sophisticated methods that give you full coverage of your target’s text messages and phone activities while keeping everything under wraps. 

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Why Should You Consider Forwarding Texts to Another Phone? 

If you’re considering tracking someone’s activities, one of the best places to start is their text messages. On average, people spend about 23 hours per week on text messages. That means text messages can be a gold mine of information on your target’s activities.

However, we always advise against unethical text spying. But we sure do support people who may want to forward a text message to their phone for any of the following reasons: 

Keeping Under Control Children

Some 52% of youngsters in the US post their phone numbers publicly online. Many also share sensitive information like their school and even home addresses. In these circumstances, their information may be picked up and exploited by people with malicious intentions. As such, it might be imperative to keep track of who your kids interact with by forwarding their text messages to your phone. 

Tracking a Cheating Spouse

As many as 61% of cheaters today rely on ‘sexting.’ If you’ve been noticing signs of infidelity in your partner’s behaviors and actions lately, one of the best places to look for concrete proof is their text messages.

Monitoring Employees

Some businesses have strict texting policies that entail monitoring employees’ phones during work hours. You may need to monitor your employees’ text messages to ensure that they don’t engage in unproductive or unethical conversations during work hours.

How to Forward Text Messages to Another Phone? 

We can drone on about various ways government agencies and even professional spies forward people’s text messages to another phone. But we’ll cut straight to the chase to talk about a method that anyone anywhere can use without fail — spy apps.

With a top-notch spy app like mSpy, you don’t need any technical skills or sophisticated hardware to forward someone’s text messages to your phone automatically. Once you set up the app, it disappears into the target phone, where it automatically copies their text messages and saves them on your web dashboard, which is accessible anytime, anywhere.

With mSpy, you can:

  • Read text messages. You’ll get to see all the details of your target’s incoming and outgoing messages, including the content and the time and date stamp.
  • See contact names and numbers. You’ll also have access to their full contact list.
  • Spy on social media apps. Track all their activities on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, including their private messages, group messages, profile updates, etc.
  • View exchanged media files. See every file they send or receive through their phone.
  • Keylogger. Get a comprehensive, analysis-friendly report of every key your targets press on their phone for whatever reason. 

How to Forward Text Messages on iPhone Without Someone Knowing?

While there are many ways of forwarding calls and texts to another phone, most can easily give you away if you’re trying to spy on someone. For instance, you can try grabbing their phone to forward messages directly from the messaging app, but you’ll most likely get caught because you’ll need to handle the phone frequently, and you’ll leave a trail of records showing that messages have been forwarded to another number.

You can also try activating the message forwarding settings on the target iPhone by opening “Settings → Messages → Text Message Forwarding” on the iPhone and then entering the number you want to forward the messages to. But you can’t hide that from the phone’s owner.

The best secretive method is by using a spy app like mSpy. To do this:

  1. Open mSpy’s official website on your device and then fill out the sign-up form.
  2. Choose and pay for a suitable subscription plan.
  3. Download and install mSpy following the instructions on your confirmation email. You’ll need your target’s iCloud credentials. You also need to ensure that two-factor authentication is disabled on the phone. Once you successfully enter the target’s iCloud credentials on your mSpy dashboard, you’ll have access to all the files uploaded to the target’s iCloud account, including their text messages.
  4. Start monitoring your target from the comfort of your phone’s screen. Simply log on to your mSpy dashboard anytime you want to view updates of their text messages. 

How to Secretly Forward Text Messages on Android?

Forwarding text messages from an Android phone to other phones undercover is also quite straightforward with top-draw spy tools like mSpy. You only need a brief moment to set up the app, and then you can sit back afterward and read through their messages whenever you want.

However, note that in order to read text messages from Messenger, the Android phone must be rooted.

Here are all the steps involved in forwarding text messages from an Android phone to another phone:

  1. Register for your mSpy account on the app’s official website.
  2. Select a suitable plan for spying on text messages on Android, and then complete the purchase.
  3. Follow through the installation steps on your confirmation email to download and set up the app on the rooted Android phone.
  4. Start tracking your target’s forwarded text messages by logging on to your user dashboard and scrolling to the text message category of data updates.


How Do I Forward Someone’s Messages to My Phone Secretly?

The best method for forwarding someone’s text messages without them knowing is by using high-tech spy apps like mSpy, which operate inconspicuously inside the target phone, saving copies of the phone’s data — including text messages — on a remote server where you can access them via your user dashboard.

Is It Real to Divert Someone’s Messages to Your Phone Without Touching Their Phone?

With a high-tech spy app like mSpy, you can simply enter your target’s Apple credentials (if they’re using an iPhone) or take a few seconds to install the app on the target phone (if it’s an Android phone), and then sit back to view your target’s text messages remotely from the comfort of your screen.

What Is the Best Text Forward App?

mSpy provides well-rounded details of forwarded text messages, including the content, time and date stamp, as well as the identities of the senders/receivers.

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, you can easily master how to divert SMS from another number to my number if you know the right tools to use. A top-notch spy app like mSpy provides you with a simple, straightforward process for forwarding text messages without leaving a trace.

With mSpy, you can forward not only text messages but other details of phone activities like shared multimedia files, contact lists, and social media activities.


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