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How to Read Other People’s Messages on Facebook?

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One of the many problems that a modern parent faces is bullying, to be specific, Cyber Bullying. This is one area that is seeing a huge increase in reported cases month on month. Kids from those under 10 till the late teens are subjected to so much social pressure in both school and now their online haunts, it is just a natural progression that physical bullying has been transmitted into the internet. Online bullying comes in many forms, some of the more common ones are Facebook posts and comments from the more “popular” kids in school. These kids would post hurtful comments on Facebook, leading to damaging behaviour from the bullied victim. Victims of online bullying are capable of morose behaviour, risky behaviour like shoplifting or even suicide.

Why Monitor Your Child’s Mobile Phone?

The most common device in all this would be the smart phone. Every child or teenager has one. They carry it around everywhere they go. Most social media interactions are done via the mobile phone. Internet usage on mobile platforms is also on a growing trend. This makes the case to actually monitor smart phone usage. A concerned parent would need to know if their child is being bullied online before tragedy strikes. There are apps, such as MSpy, out in the market that allows you to monitor your child’s phone remotely.

What Do I Need to Look out For?

There are many apps and even more functions in each app that you can choose from, in the market. The most basic of apps should provide services such as text messaging monitoring, call recording and monitoring as well as internet history. More advance apps like the aforementioned MSpy, gives you the option to monitor other apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype.

Can I Trial the Apps?

Check out the app’s website and many do offer you the chance to trial the app for free.


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