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Reading the news is a terrible affair today. The British tabloids talk about teen girls being radicalised and making their way to Syria, the Australian tabloids on the other side of the world talk about increasing amounts of radicalised Australians running over to join and fight for the new caliphate. It really stands as no surprise that teenagers are one of the most vulnerable to the siren call of radical religions. With news on teenagers not being able to fit into today’s civil society and running off to join ISIS in the Middle East, it really is a no brainer to be concerned about your children’s mental and social health.

What Areas Do Teens Need Monitoring

One way to begin tracking your teen and making sure he or she does not start visiting radical religious websites, is to monitor their mobile phone usage. Today’s smart phones are part of the modus operandi of internet browsing for teens. It only makes sense to monitor them.

How to Monitor Your Teenager

One of the most efficient and effective ways to monitor your teen’s text messages and cell phone is to use monitoring apps or Spy apps that are available online. This gives you a tool that you can use to ensure that your child’s mobile phone and internet usage is tracked. Apps that are out in the market give you many functions that track the target phone’s app usage, internet history, SMS and even location. You need not worry if your child is out of your sight or not forth coming on his or her whereabouts. The draw back on many of these apps on the market are that they either are not stealthy or that are very user unfriendly.

Try MSpy

MSpy is one of the more visible app in the market that provides all these services. The main plus point is that you can access the tracking data online via the remote website portal. Additionally, you get to trial the app by downloading the trial version.

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