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How to Remove the Messages You Sent in Facebook Messenger by Mistake?

Unsend Facebook Messenger Messages

Would you like to unsend a Facebook Messenger message? You might have realized that the message you sent was a bad idea, or you sent it to the wrong chat. For example, instead of sending it to your friend, you sent it to your mom. Or you made a mistake in your post and want to delete it.

You Can Track Other People’s Messages in Facebook Messenger Even If the Person Deleted Them

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The good news is that Facebook finally made this feature available. You can now remove messages in Messenger chats from any country in the world. Here is a detailed guide on how to do that!

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Unsending a Facebook Messenger Message

Delete the wrong messages in the four quick taps before anyone reads them:

  1. Start by finding the message that you want to delete. That will require opening your Facebook Messenger and the conversation where you sent it.
  2. Once you identify the message, hold it. You will notice that a menu with options appears. 
  3. From the available options, select Remove. Depending on the Messenger app, you might notice that it has a trash can icon above the text.
  4. The app will show another menu and ask you who you want to remove this message for. Click on unsent to permanently remove it for anyone in the conversation.

You can also choose to delete the message only for you. If that is the case, instead of choosing Unsend, click on Remove for You. Please, note that this means other members of that chat will be able to read your message.

Does Unsending the Message Remove It for Every Participant of That Chat?

Yes, the message will be removed, and the participants won’t see what you wrote. However, they will see a notification that you removed a message. 

Unsending a message will remove it from the conversation, but you need to remember that some participants might have read it already. Additionally, they can report a deleted message even if you unsend it.


As you can see, unsending a Facebook Messenger message is simple and only takes a few seconds. All you should do is follow the steps in our guide, and you are good to go. And the best part is that you can do this for as many messages as you want!

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