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Instagram Spy: How To Track Someone’s Activity?

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Millions of people use Instagram for sharing images and other details of their lives and the question of how to track Instagram has become common. However, this platform can be vulnerable to misuse too. With kids spending increasing amounts of time online, parents will naturally fret over their safety. Similarly, abrupt changes in behavioral patterns can widen rifts between couples in love. When distances start growing between people, identifying the reasons for this development can be important.

In this scenario, using Instagram spy apps to track your loved ones’ activity can be worthwhile. Hence, an effective spy app can become in handy so that you can easily monitor the sites or contents your loved one follows or accesses.

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How To Spy On Instagram On Spy Apps Easily?

Many people monitor the Instagram activity of other users. But scrolling the activity tab and looking for information isn’t always effective. Nobody is able to spy on the person online without the help of a special tool. The necessity to install Instagram Spy apps became obvious.

How do Instagram Spy apps work?

The first thing one needs to do is to install the app.  Install the products only from official websites. The Internet is full of fakes, so be careful when downloading the app from unreliable sources. We will take the mSpy application as an example.

mSpy’s Instagram Tracker requires you to select their Premium package, complete their billing form, and make the payment. Following this, they will send you an email with an instruction guide. Install and set up the application on the target device. The installation will not take much time.

After installation, the app will ask you to enter some necessary information about the person you are going to spy on. This step is optional. Some Instagram Spy apps may require additional data and some of them not. Then you will be asked to choose the device to spy on. Pick the device and turn on the Instagram tracking option.

Thereafter, you’ll be able to monitor the Instagram direct of your loved one remotely via your Control Panel. It can be worth mentioning that using the mSpy Instagram tracker will necessitate iOS jailbreak and Android rooting.

control panel of spy app with instagram messages

How To Track Someone’s Activity On Instagram?

Instagram was created to share photos only. But once it became a well-versed network, users started to post videos, tell stories, write comments, arrange live broadcasting, and communicate with each other. There is a lot of information hidden under each of the activities. No wonder, it is complicated for the person to get hold of everything and track Instagram followers online.
One can scroll the Instagram and examine every comment people left. It is also possible to see publications people follow like. But you can frequently miss things.

How to See Who’s Online on Instagram

On Instagram, many people often want to see when a certain user or individual comes online or becomes active. This will be among the most common things that people want to check on Instagram.

green dot or activity status alongside user icon in the direct inbox and other places on the Instagram

When someone’s active on Instagram:

  • You’ll observe a green dot alongside their username and photo in your direct inbox and other places on the platform.
  • You’ll see the person’s most recent activity status in your direct inbox via phrases such as Active 30m ago, Active yesterday, etc.
  • You’ll see their activity on opening your conversations, i.e., in the chat, in the camera, etc.

You can use these methods for checking when people you had direct conversations with last happened to be active on Instagram.

Snoopreport – One of the Leading Instagram Activity Trackers that People Use

Snoopreport ranks among the leading Instagram user activity tracking platforms. It enables users to track the Instagram activity of other people easily – including their likes, comments, and follows. While it’s a handy tool for monitoring the Instagram activity of someone, it also includes useful features such as:

  • Reports on user activity.
  • User activity dashboards.
  • Big data collection.
  • Top likes.
  • Top interests.

But Snoopreport and other similar apps won’t give you access to Instagram Direct messages!

For a nominal sum of $4.99 a month, you’ll be able to track the two users’ Instagram activity. Other plans offered to enable you to track as many as 10 or even 100 Instagram accounts.

How to Track User’s Likes – Users, Photos and Videos

you can track photos and videos on instagram that user liked

When you want to see the Instagram activity of a specific user or a user that you don’t follow, a tool like Snoopreport can be quite useful. To view all the photos and videos that a user likes on Instagram, you’ll need to create an account on Snoopreport. For this:

  1. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on their homepage.
  2. Enter your e-mail address and a password for creating a Snoopreport account.
  3. The website will direct you to your dashboard.
  4. In your dashboard, add the username of the account you want to track.
  5. Select the correct account from the dropdown list.

The monitoring will start automatically from this point onwards. Within a week, you’ll receive the first report of the user’s social media activity. Thus, you’ll get to see all the photos and videos the monitored user liked.

How to Track User’s Follows

you can track user's follows on instagram

The weekly report that Snoopreport provides in your dashboard will also display all the users follows. This can be useful when you want to know if the user got a new acquaintance or became interested in the posts from a specific account.

How to View User’s Comments

Snoopreport’s weekly report also lists the targeted user’s comments. You can use this tracker to observe a loved one interacts with other users based on the comments left on posts. The comments will indicate the user’s delight or disaffection with various photos, giving you an idea of the person’s opinions.

How to Track User’s Online Status

The weekly report that Snoopreport publishes will feature an Actions heatmap section. This will reveal the time when the monitored person visited Instagram last. It will also display the complete distribution of someone’s likes and follows on Instagram on a daily and weekly basis.

How to Track Someone’s Media Tags

you can track user's liked media tags on instagram

Similarly, your weekly report will also include a brief description of the targeted user’s activity – including their liked media tags.

How to Track User’s Interests

you can track user's interests on instagram

If you want to view the things that gained the targeted user’s interests on Instagram, Snoopreport provides this detail too. Their weekly report will give you all things that captured the interest of a user via the interest cloud.

How to Find Out Which Person Someone’s Messaging on Instagram


In the mobile and smartphone monitoring sector, mSpy continues to be a global leader. Their innovative technologies fuse seamlessly with tried-and-tested techniques to provide superior safety, security, and convenience.

Their Instagram tracker enables you to access your loved one’s Instagram direct. This Instagram chat feature remains available only for the sender and receiver. Hence, tracking messages on this can be difficult without an Instagram spy app. Their Instagram tracker enables you to read all sent and received text messages on Instagram direct.

How to Monitor Shared Content

mSpy’s Instagram tracker will also let you view all the links that your loved one shares via Instagram direct messenger. This can help ensure that kids do not end up visiting adult sites or sites with objectionable or violent content.

How to Track Someone’s Instagram User Location

On occasions, it might be necessary to keep an eye on the location of the target user to ascertain their whereabouts. For instance, parents might want to keep an eye on the location of their kids. Or, you might want to track the location of your partner. In all these situations, tracking the location of an Instagram user might be important.

How to Track Someone’s User Location on Instagram for Free

track user's location on instagram for free

Instagram enables users to tag locations when they share posts. At the time of adding a post to their profile, they will come across an option titled ‘Add Location.’ This option enables Instagram users to check in at the specified location.

Instagram presents users with locations nearby based on the user’s GPS location. Alternatively, users can look for a specific location by typing the details into the ‘Find a Location’ textbox. Instagram users could also use hashtags to specify their location – especially for famous landmarks.

Using Spy Apps [100% works]

track instagram location by spy app on the control panel

If you don’t mind paying a nominal amount of money to ascertain the whereabouts of a loved one, a spy app could be just what you need. It enables you to access the target phone’s GPS location to monitor your loved ones’ whereabouts. However, if you wish to listen to the Instagram calls’ records, such software doesn’t meet such a need. Note that currently there is no spy app that lets you record Instagram calls.

How to Choose the Most Effective Instagram Spy App 

When you select an Instagram spy app, you should know that certain details can be unimportant. For instance, knowing which photos the target user likes or comments on can be useful. But this will never be as significant as being able to view the messages the user sends and receives. Similarly, knowing which users your loved one subscribes to might not be as important to you. Instead, you might prefer keeping an eye on your loved one’s location.

mSpy enables you to obtain all the information you need remotely. In addition, it packs over 25 cool features, such as GPS tracking, Geofencing, Keylogger, etc. to provide comprehensive tracking levels. Unsurprisingly, it remains the go-to Instagram spy app for people all over the world. 

Final Words

You may have your own reasons to hack someone’s Instagram activity, be it your children, spouse, or employees. But for such a purpose, you need the right solution – a reliable spy app. mSpy is considered to be one of the most advanced spy apps that has a bunch of features to offer. Hence, if you are still willing to track someone’s Instagram activity, mSpy will be in handy.


  • Hi, I’ve tried every youtube video spy app to try and get into my bf’s instagram account to see why he’s been following so many women when he told me he stopped using his instagram account the day we hooked up 22 months ago! But last year I noticed it was changed to Private account. I messaged him in it, but he never reponded, then I asked him about it and he said he has never used it again, he doesn’t remember his password, etc.?! For some reason, someone is using his account, or he’s lying. I want to get into it, because tthese women couldnt get in unless he ” accepted” them, right? I’m afraid to use any other spy apps bc I almost got a “virus”, a warning that an app was bad! What can I do?

  • In order to track Instagram activity I would recommend to use Snoopreport app that monitors user’s likes and follows and provides them in weekly and monthly reports.

    • Hello David! Yes, Snoopreport is a great app for tracking likes and follows! But if you want to track messages (text or multimedia) on Instagram Direct – only spy apps can help you.

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