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Looking for Ways to Track Your Lover’s Calls and Text Messages?

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Smartphones have evolved into devices that put phenomenal computing capabilities in everyday people’s palms, and the question of how to track calls and messages on someone’s phone becomes quite reasonable. These days, you don’t need to have connections with top government functionalities or steep programming expertise to know how to track your boyfriend’s call and text messages. You can deploy a turn-key spy app that gives you instantaneous and unlimited access to activities on a target phone.

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How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Calls and SMS?

Spy apps send you to duplicate copies of data generated on a target phone, from shared files to call records, SMS, and lots more. Once the apps are up and running, they allow you to view details of the target phone’s activities from the comfort of your smartphone screen.


Apps like mSpy are simplistic in design, allowing you to easily navigate to details of call records and SMS on your dashboard. You’ll easily find various details, such as the time and date, as well as the contact details of the sender/receiver. Besides, the app is also backed up by constant technical support that users can reach out to whenever they bump into any challenges they can’t handle on their own.

How to Track Calls From Another Phone

An app like mSpy notifies you promptly whenever a call is made or received on the target person’s phone. You can then log into your mSpy dashboard to check for the details of the phone call. The dashboard also contains a record of the target’s call history, complete with all the details of their incoming and outgoing calls.

Depending on the subscription you opt for (free or paid), you can also find many other details of the target phone’s activities on your dashboard. You can view details of all conversations, social media activities, and lots more. You’ll also get to see shared files such as pictures, videos, documents, etc.

Since the app operates stealthily, the target will never suspect that their information is leaked by a spy app. The app doesn’t make sounds or display symbols or icons while operating. It also doesn’t consume battery power, memory space, or processing power.

The Most Advanced Call Tracking App

Some apps give access to just basics monitoring features like call records and SMS tracking. However, others like mSpy provide you with the advanced toolset to track your boyfriend’s call and text messages.

The value proposition of mSpy eclipses those of most other apps. Besides, it’s cross-platform compatible, allowing you to execute your call monitoring campaign on just about any computing device available at your disposal, from Android phones to iPhones, Symbian phones, and computers that run on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Here are some advanced spying features of mSpy:

SMS Logging

Not only does the tracker reveal the content of sent and received messages, but it also divulges data such as the timestamps, date stamps, as well as contact details of the sender/receiver.


Call Logs

Call History iKey

You’ll also get to view comprehensive records of the calls your boyfriend or girlfriend makes or receives on his/her cell phone, including the time and date stamps, contact name and number, and call duration.

Picture/Video Logging

You’ll also get to view all the files your boyfriend sends and receives on his phone, including pictures, videos, and documents.


With this feature, you’ll be kept in the loop about your boyfriend’s previous and current locations.


What Is the Best App to Monitor My Lover’s Calls and SMS?

mSpy provides you with just about everything you need to monitor your boyfriend without any prior technical skills or risk of getting caught.

Can I Track Deleted Texts and Calls?

Advanced spy apps like mSpy copy data from the target phone when the data is processed on the phone, so you’ll still be able to view messages even though they’ve been deleted from the target phone.

Is This Tracker App Hidden for My Partner?

mSpy operates incognito in the target phone, capturing and transmitting data without any significant processing power, memory space, or battery charge.

Do I Need Access to the Phone to Track Calls and Texts?

If you’re tracking an Android phone – yes, but if it’s an iPhone – no, because you can view all target iPhone’s activities remotely via its iCloud account.

How Often Is the List of Calls and Messages Updated?

mSpy notifies you wherever a call or message is registered on the target phone, so you’ll get to learn about your lover’s call or message the very second they’re processed on the target phone.


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