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There might be situations when you have no other options but to monitor your boyfriend with a cell phone monitoring app. Irrespective of all the reasons, the task is to look for the right software that can fulfill all your monitoring requirements. We will now see some of the points that you should be considering while searching for such an app.

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How to Check Boyfriends Whatsapp

There are multiple types of spy tool available in the market. Your aim is to look for the app that will allow you to monitor Whatsapp messenger and access  messages without the knowledge of the owner of target device. The first thing that you should look for in an app is its ability to work in stealth mode. It should be impossible to notice the application while it is gathering the desired information from the target phone. If the person comes to know that he/she is under surveillance then the whole purpose of spying will be destroyed. Make sure that the software will not be detected once it is being installed.

Read WhatsApp Messages Online

Remote Access to  Whatsapp Right at Your Fingertips

Next is to check how the information or data tracked by the software will be available to you. The best software would be one that will upload all the data to any private account which only you can access and that too from any remote location. Generally the software should upload that data at a fixed interval of may be 30 minutes or so. This will keep you updated with the activities of your boyfriend.

Advanced Whatsapp Tracking Software Features

You can look for some of the other features as well. As the target device is a smart phone, you can also get other information like browsing history, pictures or videos stored in memory, etc. You can also track the GPS location of the device if you wish to as there are software apps offering such services. We will now look into details of one such spy app.

iKey WhatsApp Tracking

There are number of tools offered in order to meet the tracking requirements. Different subscription modes will give you the benefit of different facilities that this app has to offer. The technical department of phone tracker keeps the software updated with the latest technology and standard present in the market so that it can provide an uninterrupted service to the customers. You don’t need to look any further for mobile spy app once you have software installed in the target device. This spy app will frequently record the data required by you. You can upload it to your account which you can access from anywhere anytime round the world. Let’s now have a quick look at the features provided:

  • Read text messages remotely
  • Track device current location
  • Tracking of WhatsApp & iMessages as well
  • Call history
  • Access to the phone contacts
  • Access to multimedia files like pictures and videos
  • Track record of browsing history


  • I want to check my bf’s call log and messages without his notice
    Also I cannot get his phone as he is staying in another state.
    Help me!!

  • This application is important because it will help either the husband or the wife or boyfriend or spouse to know what the other party is doing with other people-illegal marriage especially the opposite sex in short it helps both parties to become security conscious. In addition, it is one way of preventing to import infection in both parties lives.

    • Hi, Dharmendra.
      If your girlfriend has an iPhone, you can try no jailbreak by mspy. In this case you will need iCloud ID & Password. For more details you can visit an official site mSpy or ask for help support team.

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