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Read your girlfriend’s messages secretly

Read your girlfriends messages secretly

Relationships denote “bliss and excitement” when both partners are committed. Without an ounce of doubt and deceit, the chances of a union lasting long ranks high. However, people change.

Something may be wrong if you feel your long-time girlfriend is becoming distant and acting cold toward you. With statistics showcasing that 10% to 70% of women have cheated at least once, taking action is essential. 

One of the many steps you can take? Going through her text messages. Nonetheless, you can’t just walk up to your GF and say you want to go through her device.

So, what alternative path can you take to ensure 100% stealth in this activity? Although a Google search might point you towards several methods, most options don’t live up to expectations. 

It’s all going to change in this guide, as I’ll uncover an alternative that’ll give you access to your GF’s texts and other smartphone data without hassles. The medium in question? mSpy!

Revered globally, mSpy is a spy application that makes the phone monitoring process smoother. With research confirming the potency of spy apps like mSpy, you’d be better off using these options to access your GF’s texts without her knowing. 

Ready to know what mSpy is all about and how to get your girlfriend’s text messages on your phone? 

Read on. There’s so much ground to cover!

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How Can I Read My Girlfriend’s Text Messages Without Her Phone?

Read your girlfriend’s messages secretly

Some years ago, asking the “how can I read my girlfriend’s texts without her phone” question may have earned you weird stares. However, this action is feasible today, all thanks to technological advancements. The medium leading the charge? Spy applications.

If you don’t have a background on the applications, you might ask – what are spy applications? Don’t worry; I have an answer.

Spy applications are software that’ll get you unfettered remote access to someone else’s smartphone without them ever knowing. 

Most people use spy applications when they want to:

  • Track their wards to ensure they’re not consuming illicit content on the Internet
  • Monitor their partners for infidelity
  • Determine their employees’ activities during working hours to confirm productivity

Although spy applications may sound advanced, usage is quite straightforward. To get your spying activities on a target “up and running” via these apps, you must first subscribe. 

Upon subscription, install the application on the target’s device. Afterward, log in to your unique dashboard and have all their information laid bare to you.

So, besides text messages, what data bits can you see using a spy application? Top mentions include:

  • Real-time GPS location
  • Call logs
  • Social media conversations
  • Web browser history
  • Emails
  • Notes and event reminders

Although most apps claim to easily read your girlfriend’s texts and other information on her phone, only a few deliver on this promise. Nevertheless, for a successful spying adventure, I’ll recommend mSpy as it has a vast array of advanced monitoring functionalities. 

Learn how to Intercept My Girlfriend’s Text Messages Using mSpy Features

Spy applications like mSpy have numerous features in their résumé to ensure clients have unlimited access to a target’s data without issues. Although mSpy has over 36 features, these notable functions caught my attention. 

How to track text messages on another persons phone with sms spy tracker

They include: 

  • Monitor Calls

Is your GF making calls at odd hours, and you’d like to know if she’s indeed talking to Christi at work? mSpy is your go-to for perspective on who called, their contact info, and the time the exchange happened. 

  • Track Text Messages

Using mSpy, you’ll have unrestricted access to the sent and received messages on your girlfriend’s cell phone. Unlike most spy applications, mSpy inundates you with the multimedia files embedded in these exchanges. 

What’s better? Even if your GF deleted text messages to hide her infidelity, you’ll have access to them on your dedicated mSpy Control Panel.

  • Read Messaging Apps

mSpy shines a “bright light” on your GF’s social media activities. Using this top-tier spy application, you’ll have access to their chats on famed Instant Messaging (IM) mediums like Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp. 

With mSpy, all social media interactions are within your purview.

  • Track GPS Location

Do you think your GF has been visiting shady locations recently? You can use mSpy to track her movement all day long. This application also gives you access to the spots she visited within the week or last month. 

It gets better: Using mSpy’s “Geofencing Alerts” function, you can set danger and safe spots across a map. Immediately your GF enters any of these zones, you’ll be alerted.

  • View Multimedia Files

mSpy also keeps you in the know with a target’s media files (pictures, videos, and audio). Besides sieving out variations available on social apps and texts, mSpy will update you with those in their device’s gallery.

  • Monitor Internet Activity

Do you want to see what sites your GF’s visiting? You can get some context via mSpy. If she’s entering those webpages you disapprove of, this spy application lets you block them temporarily or permanently. 

  • Keylogger

Spotting keystrokes made on another device remotely might seem impossible. Well, mSpy has accomplished the unattainable with its unique Keylogger add-on. 

This functionality gives you access to all keyboard taps made on your GF’s device. You can also set keywords and get alerted if your girlfriend uses them in her chats or Google searches. 

  • Access to Calendar

People still use their device’s calendar to set important reminders. mSpy understands this and has integrated an add-on to get you access to your GF’s upcoming events. Now, you can see if they’re regular or sinister. 

IMPORTANT: Although using spy apps like mSpy may prove beneficial to monitoring your GF’s activities, note that their usage isn’t approved in most jurisdictions. To understand what’s applicable in your country, hire a top technology lawyer. 

Read Your Girlfriend’s Texts After mSpy Installation

You’re probably excited, knowing that mSpy can garner text messages on your GF’s Android or iOS cell phone without hitches.

But there’s a query – how can you use the mSpy app to sieve out text messages as a newbie? Well, you have to install the application first.

Although mSpy installation might seem like an activity reserved for tech-savvy folks, it’s easy. In fact, the spy app promises that users can complete this process in 5 minutes. 

If you’d like to understand how to read your girlfriend’s text messages online via mSpy, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a mSpy Account

To get started on mSpy, visit their official site and click the “Try Now” icon featured in the top right corner. Now, insert your email address, check the T&Cs box, and tap on “Try Now.”

After you’ve done this and selected a target OS, select a plan that suits your budget.

On mSpy, you can access these packages:

  • 1 Month: $48.99 
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.66 per month

Step 2. Open an Email

After you’ve made a payment, you’ll get a confirmation email from mSpy. This mail contains intricate data bits, including your username, password, and customer ID. 

You’d need this information to monitor your GF’s device accurately, so guard it closely.

Step 3. Install mSpy

To install mSpy on the target’s phone, you must access them physically. Install the mSpy application on their Android or iOS smartphone using the installation guide. 

If you encounter an issue, contact mSpy’s 24/7 support channels. Available options deliver swift replies, so you can complete the installation without getting spotted.

NOTE: Installing mSpy on a non-jailbroken iOS device doesn’t require physical access. Instead, you can use the target’s iCloud logins to gain 100% access to their device. To ensure this action goes smoothly, ensure that 2FA is disabled on your GF’s iPhone. 

Step 4. Start Monitoring

After you’ve successfully installed the mSpy application on your GF’s device, log into your dashboard and gain access to her device’s:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Social media chats
  • Multimedia files
  • GPS location
  • Keystrokes
  • Web browser history
  • Calendar activities
  • Emails
  • Contact list

How to Get Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages on Your Phone for Free?

Read your girlfriend’s messages secretly

People who are scared of taking the plunge with spying applications like mSpy usually resort to free options on the Internet. 

And, yes, there are free options to read her messages if you wonder, “what app can I use to see who my girlfriend is texting for free?”

Method 1: Ask Her Directly

If you are uncomfortable using a spy app, the other way is to ask your girlfriend for permission to see her text messages directly and who is she texting. Explain to her why you need access to them and assure her it’s only to ensure your safety. This method is obviously less discreet than using a spy app, and there’s no guarantee that she will agree, but if you explain the situation properly, then she might be willing to share.

Method 2: Hack Her Phone

As a last resort to find out who she’s texting, you can hack into your girlfriend’s phone to access her texts. Though this is not recommended, it might be the only option if you are desperate. It requires a fair bit of technical knowledge, so this method might be a bit too daunting unless you have someone willing to help you.

But there’s one issue: Although your Google searches might redirect you to a ton of free spy applications, note that most of them are scams. Using these applications can get your financial and personal information compromised. 

You don’t want that, do you? If yes, I’d advise you to use mSpy. Albeit not a free spy application, mSpy is 100% legit and has the advanced and basic add-ons required to track your GF’s device.

There are other DIY alternatives for those looking to monitor their GF’s device for free.  

First off, you can snoop on your girlfriend’s device once she steps into the shower or guess her password. You can also decide to follow her wherever she goes. 

Nonetheless, these options aren’t 100% stealthy, and if you’re caught, your GF might lose the trust she has for you (especially if she wasn’t doing anything wrong). 

To avoid this negative outcome, go with mSpy!

How to Read Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages Legally and Safely? 

The word “spy” might seem sinister. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people are anxious to know if seeing their girlfriend’s messages via an app is legal and safe.

Although this isn’t the case for all text monitoring apps, using mSpy ensures that your text trawling endeavor is legal and safe in every ramification. 

For starters, mSpy is recommended by famous entities like the Los Angeles Times, Seramount, and Forbes. 

mSpy is a smartphone monitoring application designed to give oversight of activity on someone’s devices, and it is a perfect choice if you want to know how to see who she is texting. It is 100% legal to use mSpy for monitoring your girlfriend’s text messages as long as the device belongs to you or you have permission from the device owner. The app allows you to access and monitor incoming and outgoing text messages and various other smartphone activities such as GPS tracking, call logs, emails, chat conversations, social media activity, and more. mSpy offers an easy-to-use interface that’s accessible from any device with an internet connection – so you can keep track of your girlfriend’s activity no matter where you are. The app can be used to monitor any activity on her device, so you can be sure that she isn’t engaged in anything inappropriate. mSpy also includes various remote control features so you can check up on her even when you aren’t with her.

Security-wise, this spy application adopts a bank-grade encryption format on its platform. Thus, you can collate data from your girlfriend’s Android or iOS smartphone without any third-party having access. 

It’s not every day you see a spying platform have all its bases covered. But with mSpy, all segments are!

Why Do You Want to Read Your Girlfriend’s Texts: The Main Reasons

Read your girlfriend’s messages secretly

You don’t wake up one morning and insert the “how to read her text messages” question into Google’s search bar. Something must have prompted this action. 

Here are some primary reasons why you might want to spy on your GF’s text messages:

#1 She Looks Distracted

Your girlfriend’s the attentive type. Nevertheless, after getting home from work one day, you discover that she ignores you. At first, you feel it’s just a phase. 

However, if you find yourself repeating words and your GF doesn’t pay attention, she might be cheating. 

Thus, checking her cell phone for texts that might indicate cheating will be best. 

#2 She Becomes More Conscious of Her Dressing

If your girlfriend puts more effort into her daily appearance than she used to, you might want to look at this sudden change.

Although she may be doing this to look good in front of her peers, there’s a chance she’s dressing nicer to attract another man. 

Regardless, checking her texts via a spy app should be your next line of action to know what’s happening. 

#3 She Talks About the Future Differently

When the relationship was in its early stages, you and your GF made future plans using the “we” pronoun. 

But, all of a sudden, she starts personalizing her future endeavors. If your GF doesn’t involve you in her plans, scouring her messages is ideal to know if she’s seeing someone else. 

#4 She Uses Her Phone Frequently

We all use our smartphones daily. However, if your girlfriend opts to answer Facebook messages or work emails (odd hours) instead of talking to you, that’s a clear sign that she’s lost (or losing) interest. 

To know what’s taking her attention, install spyware on her device. 

#5 Intimacy Doesn’t Excite Her Anymore

You and your GF used to be thick as thieves – “lovey-dovey” when the chance presented itself. Now, it’s just as if you’re a stranger when you cuddle next to her. 

Your girlfriend’s resentment toward sex is a tell-tale sign that she’s seeing someone else. 

To confirm or dispel your concerns, use a text message tracking application. 

#6 She Becomes Too Busy

Even the US President has time to go on dinners with friends and family. So, if your girlfriend is suddenly too busy at work or brings up flimsy excuses to avoid being on dates, there’s something off.

Thus, investing in a spy application to get context into her activities is worth the hassle. 

#7 She Rejects Your Proposal

After thinking for a while, you decide you’ve seen enough and propose marriage to your GF.

But she rejects it. 

Although you’ll be hurt, it might be time to dig deeper to see if she was cheating before the proposal with a spy application that’ll get you insight into her texts. 

#8 She Leaves Home Unannounced

You wake up one day and can’t find your girlfriend anywhere. Well, she’s done it again. 

Gradually, it’s becoming a pattern. 

If your GF does this and comes back with the usual “I went to see my friends” excuse, she’s probably visiting a secret lover without your approval. 

To know for sure, use a sophisticated spy application like mSpy to grant you perspective into her messages, contact list, call logs, GPS location, and emails. 


If you’d like to monitor your GF’s texts in real-time and see if she’s cheating on you, I’d recommend spy apps like mSpy to get the job done with 100% efficiency. 

Besides tracking your girlfriend’s text messages, mSpy also gives you access to her GPS location, multimedia files, calendar reminders, and social media chats.

With these advanced tracking add-ons available on the mSpy application, you can see whether your GF is cheating in one tap!


How Can I Read My Girlfriend’s Text Messages for Free?

Although some spy applications claim to offer free text message tracking, they’re front for nefarious vices. 

Thus, I recommend using mSpy to view your GF’s text messages. Albeit a paid alternative, available plans are cost-effective.

Are There Any Analogs of mSpy on the Market to Read My Girlfriend’s Texts?

The mSpy analog you can rely on is eyeZy. Adopting a more futuristic outlook, eyeZy will track your girlfriend’s text messages within minutes of installation. 

It also has budget-friendly subscriptions.

How to Read Her Text Messages Without Touching Her Phone?

Using the mSpy application, you can. Nonetheless, you must access the target phone physically for installation. 

Afterward, you can see your girlfriend’s text messages remotely and stealthily 24/7.

What Is the Best Spy App to Read Girlfriend’s Text Messages Online?

The best spy app to read your girlfriend’s messages is mSpy. With 36+ functions in its sophisticated résumé, this spying service has become the go-to alternative in 180 countries. 

You can install mSpy on your GF’s cell phone within 5 minutes and get access to her texts. 

Since the mSpy application has bank-grade encryption, cybercriminals can’t hack the platform and access your information.

How can I check a girl’s text messages?

The best way to check a girl’s text messages is by using an app called mSpy. It will give you a comprehensive answer to the issue of “how can I read my girlfriend’s text messages without her phone?” This app allows you to easily monitor and track all incoming and outgoing text messages from any device. With mSpy, you can view SMS text messages, emails, call records, photos, and videos shared on social media networks like WhatsApp or Viber. mSpy also offers a range of other features, such as GPS tracking and website monitoring, making it an all-in-one solution for keeping track of a girl’s activity. Furthermore, mSpy can be used remotely, so you don’t need physical access to the device in order to monitor its activities.


    • A lot of people are looking for a way “to check my girlfriends text messages for free”. Most of the FREE apps have proven to be just gimmicks. However, paid software is more reliable and, as shown by hundreds of user reviews, is actually good at tracking mobile activity.

    • There are a lot of tracking apps that can give you access to someone’s Facebook messages. Most of them work in a stealth mode and are completely invisible on the targeted device. Just install the app on the device you would like to monitor.

  • I canʼt physically get ahold of my girlfriendʼs phone, is it possible to intercept text messages onto my phone?

    • Monitoring software can let you look through the text messages and phone calls on another device remotely. You can use iCloud credentials for the targeted device to install the app on it. Once set up, you can view her phone activity through your control panel on the website.

    • The best way to see who your girlfriend is texting via WhatsApp or any other messenger is to install a tracking app on her phone. The app takes about 5 min to install and then you are able to see the phone’s contents in the control panel.

  • I am Robert and want to know if I can track my girlfriend chat message on my phone? I have tried out many apps but none worked for me. Please if you can help me with that.

    • One of the most recommended apps on the market is mSpy. I’d suggest you check it out. The app has a lot of favorable reviews from the users and is very easy to install and navigate.

    • If you want to “find out who my girlfriend is texting” or “to check my gf phone”, consider using a tracking app. Such apps give you access to text messages, call logs, browser history, and more.

    • You can install a tracking app on the iPhone by using the device’s iCloud credentials. In this case, you don’t need to have the phone on you. And all of the monitoring is done remotely through a control panel that can be accessed from any browser.

    • If you want to know how to see who your girlfriend is texting, you may be interested in getting monitoring software that lets you check someone’s phone messages and call history. Something in her phone for sure will give you an answer.

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