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Receiving the Latest News on COVID-19 With WhatsApp

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As the novel coronavirus continues to run its course, one thing becomes very clear: access to the accurate information is essential if the effects of this pandemic are to be properly dealt with. The situation constantly remains fluid, and information changes on a dime. Knowing what is real and what isn’t from a credible source of information is key to helping individuals be properly informed during this pandemic.

To that end, the World Health Organization has launched an initiative to pass the necessary information to the public as it becomes available. Using WhatsApp, one of the most widely used social media platforms in existence today, the World Health Organization has been able to successfully set up an easily accessible Health Alert System.

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How Does Accessing the WHO Health Alert System Work on WhatsApp?

Through the WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub, all WhatsApp subscribers can now read updates on the COVID-19 situation in real-time.

Accessing this channel to receive accurate information is a straightforward procedure. The first and most important requirement is the WhatsApp account and application. With these, a registered user needs to text, “Hi” through the application to the number + 4179 893 1892.

This number is registered to and fully owned by the World Health Organization. As such, the WhatsApp account is a verified business account fully operated by the international body. 

Essentially, this service works the same way a newsletter does. It lets you subscribe to relevant updates through the message you send. 

The service is currently available in: 

  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Chinese

What to Expect from This Feature?

Once an active WhatsApp user sends their first message, it triggers service text backs carrying a variety of shortcut options you can choose from, depending on the type of information you need to get at that point in time.

Here is an example. Texting “1” – Calls up all the relevant emergency numbers in your area you can contact in the event you need to report a case, or you need to make specific inquiries.


As more efforts are being made in the tech industry to combat the debilitating impact of misinformation, it is still a challenge for the everyday Internet user to seek out information from legit sources.

The WHO Health Alert System in WhatsApp will allow you to track the latest and most accurate news, as well as choosing the type of news you would like to be receiving.

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