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The Guide to Video Calls With New Messenger Rooms by Facebook

Messenger Rooms for your next video chat

Facebook Messenger has become a universal tool that you can use not only for sending messages that are easy to track; you can also use it for video calls. While Zoom and Microsoft Teams are somewhat more popular when it comes to video conferencing today, Facebook hasn’t stayed behind. 

For one, you can talk with as many as 50 participants in a single call. Facebook also states that you will eventually be able to use the video calling service across all of its platforms, from Instagram to WhatsApp – which does make it a great choice in the long run.

Table Of Contents

Features of Messenger Room

Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from Facebook here. 

Even people who don’t use Facebook can join the meeting if they have the link. 

The next best thing is that there is no time limit, and you also get to use countless background images to enhance your video experience. 

Unlike some other apps, there is no time limit for a particular call. 

Tons of fun features to choose from, including AR filters and 360-degree backgrounds.

Steps to Create Rooms for Video Conferencing 

Now that you’re aware of the features of Facebook Messenger Rooms, here are the steps to create rooms and invite your loved ones to catch a glimpse of them on Facebook. 

Step 1. If you already have the Messenger app, all you have to do is go to the ‘People’ tab.

Step 2. Tap ‘Create a Room’ on the bottom right. 

Step 3. Choose from three options:

  • ‘Friends’ to help anyone see your room in their News Feed. 
  • ‘Invite Specific Friends’ feature to invite someone particular to your room. Just select the option and choose the friends from the list you want to include.
  • The ‘Skip’ button. Clicking on it, you will get a sharing link. Use it to invite anyone, including those who do not use Facebook, to join your room.

With these, you can invite your friends and people who are not on your list of contacts just by sending them the invitation link.

It’s straightforward, fast, and lets you connect with many people at a time, complete with additional features to enrich your online video calling experience.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to video chat with your school friend after a long time? Or do you want to get in touch with your friends and family, or even have a conference with colleagues? Facebook lets you do that now with the Messenger Rooms feature. 

You no longer have to get your Facebook friends to download the Zoom app for a video call. Create a room, and you’re good to go with your first video call on Facebook.

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