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How to Track Facebook Messages Effortlessly Using the Best Techniques?

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With over 1.5 billion active users, Facebook is a platform where all kinds of people come together for all kinds of reasons. 73% of users visit the platform at least once per day, and 51% regularly check in multiple times. 

Unfortunately, many of these users are cheaters, swindlers, sexual predators, and men of the underworld. And your loved ones could be engaging with any of these dubious people on the platform — knowingly or unknowingly.

To protect yourself and your loved ones from such unbecoming activities on Facebook, you need to learn how to read someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing.

In this guide, we’ll show you many different ways to see someone’s Facebook messages without getting caught, and you’ll get to know spying options that are suitable for any level of the skills as well as any budget size. 

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How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages?

Facebook is a messaging platform that can be used for myriads of purposes. You never can tell what people around you are using Facebook for — except they give you total access to their account, which is a rare thing.

There are many instances where it’s imperative to spy on Facebook messages. In such cases, Facebook Messenger spy apps can come in handy. These spy apps can give you unfettered access to all the information about someone’s Facebook activities. You can use these apps for reasons like:

Parental Control

One of the most challenging responsibilities of parents in the modern world is protecting kids from the dangers of the internet. Social media platforms like Facebook are a great place for kids to learn more about the world around them. But unfortunately, Facebook is also trafficked by sexual predators and dubious people who may prey on your kids’ innocence.

Over 51% of teens in America are active Facebook users, and 53% of them post sensitive information like their real cell phone number, school address, etc. As such, it’s highly imperative to keep tabs on who your kids talk with and what they share on Facebook.

Cheating Spouses

Messaging platforms like Facebook are the most convenient means of communication for cheaters today. Facebook is filled with lots of dating groups and people looking for sexual relationships. 

You should consider spying on your spouse’s Facebook if they don’t give you unfettered access to their Facebook account, or if they delete their Facebook messages, or communicate with certain contacts in code words and symbols.

Employee Monitoring

Facebook can be a huge distraction for your employees during working hours, and you shouldn’t just trust them to remain disciplined. Besides ensuring that they remain productive, you also need to monitor your employees’ Facebook activities to ensure that they don’t engage in activities that might sabotage your business or go against your corporate values. 

How to Check Facebook Messages? 

Facebook spying infographics

You can hack Facebook accounts without any expert knowledge or any prior experience of spying.

After copious hours of research and experimentation, we’ve figured out 5 best ways of how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages. They’ve worked not only for us but in countless cases where people needed to uncover someone’s tracks on Facebook safely. 

Resetting Messenger Password

If your stars align and your target just happens to log in permanently to the email address they use for their Facebook account, you’re in luck because you can easily hijack their account by changing their password. Simply grab the device for a few moments and perform these steps:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger and click on “Find Your Account,” confirm the email address where the reset code will be sent.
  2. Open the reset email and enter the code on the reset page (make sure to delete the reset email to clean your track).
  3. Change the password and then select “Stay Logged In.”
  4. You now have their login credentials, while they’ll keep using their account unaware that their password has been changed.

A Man-in-the-Middle Attack

This is a traditional method of hacking that works on people who use public Wi-Fi. It entails exploiting network security gaps on Wi-Fi connections to intercept messages.

However, this method isn’t for the faint-hearted. You need solid tech skills to pull it off. It requires a Kali Linux operating system, a good grasp of network interfaces and command lines, and the IP addresses of the target Wi-Fi device. 


A keylogger collects details of every key pressed on a target phone. With a keylogger, you can capture your target’s Facebook login credentials as well as the messages they send. You can set it up in a matter of minutes on the target phone and then receive reports of your target’s keystrokes — including those involved in his Facebook activities — on a set interval.


Another way to capture someone’s Facebook login credentials is by phishing. It involves creating a ‘phishing’ Facebook site — a fake clone of Facebook’s login page — and then luring your target to login to their Facebook account through the fake site. Once they do that, it gives away their login credentials.

This requires some dogged technical skills. But you can hire a phishing professional to help you if your technical acumen doesn’t meet up.

Spy Apps

By far the method we recommend. That’s because it brings together the best of all the other methods. You’ll be able to obtain and use your target’s login credentials, intercept their messages, and track just about every move they make on Facebook. 

How to Spy on Facebook Messages for Free? 

Top-notch Facebook spy apps like mSpy offer demo versions, so you can test-run your Facebook spy campaigns for free before plunging fully into it. Once you set up the app, it disappears into the target phone’s background and works there incognito.

The app will send you frequent updates of various categories of activity data, from text messages to updates, shared multimedia files, etc.

The keylogger feature can also help shed more light on their Facebook activity. You’ll get a well-detailed report of all the texts they type out, the Facebook pages they click on, and lots more.

One key advantage of mSpy’s keylogger is the analysis-friendly presentation of the report. You won’t just receive cursive texts that’ll get you scratching your head trying to figure out. You’ll get to easily figure out what action each keystroke was meant for — replying to a text, navigating to a Facebook page, etc. 

How to Monitor Facebook Messages on iOS and Android Devices? 

The entire process of setting up and deploying spy apps like mSpy is pretty straightforward — so long as the app supports the model of the target phone.

Here’s how to hack your girlfriend’s Facebook messages on an Android or iOS phone using mSpy:

Step 1. Create an Account on mSpy

Open mSpy’s official page on your browser and take a brief moment to fill out the sign-up form.

Step 2. Choose the Device & Download mSpy

Check to see if your target device is supported by mSpy.

Step 3. Choose Your Plan

If your target phone is supported, you can go ahead to choose a plan that suits your budget and unique spying needs.

Step 4. Start Monitoring Your Target’s Facebook Messages

Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive installation instructions via email. You can follow through with that in a breeze — from start to finish, it takes less than 5 minutes. Plus, technical support is always available to help out 24/7 in case you run into any difficulties. Once you’re done with the installation, you can sit back to check up on your target’s Facebook activities right from the comfort of your own device.


How to Log Into Someone’s Facebook Messenger Without Them Getting a Notification?

To do this, you need to first obtain their login credentials either through a keylogger, phishing site, or spy app. You’ll then need to turn off the two-factor authentication on their Facebook app settings before logging into their account from another device.

What Is the Best Option to Hack Into Someone’s Facebook Account?

With a top-notch Facebook spy app like mSpy, you’ll get access to your target’s login credentials as well as all details of their Facebook activities — all without having to deal with any technicalities.

What Is the Best Facebook Messenger Tracker?

mSpy enables you to view just about every single move your target makes on Facebook, even if they try covering their tracks by hiding their phones. It comes with a straightforward installation process and provides neatly categorized updates of their activities at set intervals.

Are Spy Apps Undetectable?

Top-notch spy apps use high-tech algorithms that copy data from a target’s device without ever leaving behind any trace. Spy apps do not leave any symbols or icons anywhere on the phone, nor do they use up traceable amounts of phone resources like data, battery, or memory space.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages effortlessly. These are surefire techniques that help you spy like a pro without ever giving yourself away.

Note, however, that we advise against using these hacking tools unethically. We don’t encourage anyone to use these tools for blackmail or any other immoral reasons.


    • Hi Alice,

      App itself works discreetly – therefore owner of the device won’t know about tracking, unless he is intentionally warned about monitoring software.

        • Hello Zahid,

          I am sure that I can help you with this question. I recommend you to contact support team of the spyware for such question. Usually you visit the website of the tracking app, buy it there and receive the installation guide to your email. The only thing you need is an access to the target device.


  • can’t we track them without installng it in the victim’s phone…

    or is it necessary to install the app in there phone…rather than mine..

  • How can you read someones Facebook Messages without them knowing ? Because he gets an sms when someone logs into his account …

    • Hello Amber,

      With a mobile monitoring software you get all copies of Facebook messenger logs to your online account.


    • Hello Shilpi,

      In order to track Facebook messages, you should install a cell phone tracker to the target device. If you are going to track an adult, you should inform him or her about spying.


  • It says that i will have to root the victims mobile to install mspy and start tracking it since it is an android phone.
    Can I install it without rooting his device?

    • Hi, Molly.
      The full version of this app isn’t in App Store, after purchase you will get the file to download.

    • Hi, Claire. First of all you must download mobile spy app. After install it you can read Someone Facebook Messages. Thanks

  • i want to read someone’s fb message but i don’t have physical access to that phone, what should i do

  • I want to know the password of the messenger of my bf..but how..i want to check if he cheating on me..pls…need ur help

    • To view someone else’s Facebook messages and any other phone activities, you can install a tracking app on the device. It can be downloaded directly to the phone or installed remotely by using iCloud login details.

  • I wanna hack messenger of my gf..Sheʼs living in other country, sheʼs so far from me now, I just want to know if sheʼs cheating on me..Please help me

    • f you want to see someone’s private messages on Facebook, but don’t have the target device with you to do so, you can install mSpy remotely. It will let you read someones Facebook messages and even the location of the target device. You can learn more about the installation process on their official website.

  • Hi, is there an application that can find someone who accidentally forward the confidential message in a group? Thank you

    • Depends on what you mean by “find”. To see who someone is messaging on Facebook or what messages they send, or track their location, the app has to be either installed on the phone directly or synced up remotely by using iCloud credentials of the device.

    • You can hack someones Facebook without them knowing and install a Facebook messenger tracker remotely without the physical access to the phone. To do so, you’ll be required to input iCloud credentials of the targeted device in the control panel of the app and you’ll be able to hack Facebook online.

    • Do you want to know her Facebook password to hack Facebook messenger conversations? mSpy can give you access to her social accounts and let you view her messages and calls. mSpy also has a Keylogger feature that records all keystrokes on the device, so you’ll be able to see all inputted passwords.

  • I really want to know how to hack Facebook without knowing password or installing any app on targeted mobile phone..

    • There isn’t really a way to hack Facebook messenger or hack someones Facebook account without installing any kind of software. That would be some high-end spying, if that was possible. However, a lot of such apps can be installed remotely without having to physically download it on the phone, so you can still get access to someone’s Facebook.

    • You’re wondering how to hack Facebook messenger? You can get access to someone’s Facebook messages by installing a tracking app on their phone. The app will let you read all chat messages on the phone and even record keystroke history, so you’ll be able to find out passwords to all of his accounts.

    • Are you worried that someone has installed a Facebook spy chat messenger to track you? In most cases, you have to install the app directly on the phone or at least know iCloud credentials of the targeted phone to set up the app. Unless the person knows your Apple ID credentials, it is unlikely that someone would be monitoring your chats.

  • Right now I feel so down knowing the love of my life which we’ve been together for over a decade could hurt me this bad. It all happened when I started noticing his wayward acts at home, how he comes in late from work, talking to some women over the internet. I wasn’t sure if my thought if they were right cause I never expected him to cheat on me despite how faithful I’ve been over the years. I was able to know the truth and clear my self doubt when I saw many great recommendations about mSpy. This app was able to remotely infiltrate his mobile phones and laptop, it was able to affirm my thought by giving me proofs of his cheating ways. After few hours I saw all of his facebook text messages, call logs, WhatsApp, GPS tracker and hidden texts on signal and proton mail. I was wowed when I got all of this info cause what seems to be untrue was clearly true. I made up my mind to publicize and recommend mSpy for his great works…Thank you!

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