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How to Turn on the Encryption Feature on Facebook Easily in a Few Clicks?

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Keeping your personal information secure online is more important than ever, and Facebook is no exception. In fact, the more time you spend on Facebook, the more important it is for you to take advantage of their encryption feature and other safety measures to keep your data safe.

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Where to Find the Facebook Encryption Feature?

It’s relatively easy to turn on encryption for your conversations, but you need to know which settings to use. Facebook doesn’t call it encryption in such simple terms. Instead, you’ll need to find the Secret Conversation setting and turn it on for each conversation you want to keep encrypted. 

To access the secret conversation setting, you need to be in Messenger itself, not just looking at your messages through Facebook. At least, you need to look in Messenger right now. Future updates may make the setting a little more accessible. 

Unfortunately, encryption is only available on the main app, not the desktop version. So you’ll be able to use this feature on your phone and tablet, but not on a desktop or laptop. 

It’s located in the options in the information tab of your messages. You’ll get to the information tab by pressing the lowercase ‘i’ icon in the upper right corner. 

How to Turn on Secret Conversations?

Go to the dialogue you would like to encrypt. Unfortunately, you may not be able to encrypt group conversations without starting them fresh, but you will be able to encrypt any exchange between you and one other person. 

Tap on the lowercase ‘i’ shaped icon in the upper right corner. That will open the settings and information menu. About halfway down the first screen on that menu, you should see an option to ‘Go to Secret Conversation’ with a lock icon. 

Tap on that option. Depending on which version of Facebook Messenger you’re using, it may open the new conversation in a new tab, and you’ll have to confirm that you want to use a secret conversation. 


Secret Conversations are a great way to send important information more safely online, but you’ll need to enter the Secret Conversations setting every time you need to use the option. 

That means that this setting is a useful feature for protecting your personal information and maintaining good cybersecurity with the information like usernames, payment plans, and other vulnerable info. But you probably don’t need to use Secret Conversations for every single message you send through Facebook. 

Instead, focus on the chats that contain personal information, not casual conversations.

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