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Obviously, WhatsApp is on the rise nowadays, and it is expected to gain even more popularity in the years to come. There are many reasons for that – it is very handy, instant, and protected with end-to-end encryption from any fraud or theft of personal information. Hence, it is a very convenient option for personal, professional, and even secret communication, given that almost everyone has WhatsApp on their mobiles now.

Is It that Safe? Can WhatsApp Be Hacked?

Unfortunately yes, and even the best encryption of WhatsApp cannot provide enough protection to users from hackers, especially if they are the users’ relatives, parents, or bosses! If you leave the device for a couple of minutes while taking a shower or eating a breakfast, people who know at least a bit about how to track another WhatsApp account may install a spy on your device and read all your old and current communication in it.

What is more, there are new devices for those interested in how to track someone’s WhatsApp account available online, allowing spying without any direct access to your phone. You may simply visit the site, enter the phone number of the one you want to spy on, and enjoy all secrets and details of his or her communication.

Discomforting, right? To avoid such hacks and to be sure about your phone’s safety and privacy, make regular checks for hacking software and spying apps on the phone with security scan.

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