Disclaimer for Spyware Installations

This goes on record to inform you that you may violate existent privacy laws in your jurisdiction if you install monitoring software on a computer or smart device that you don’t have ownership rights or authorization for. Parents and legal guardians may have the legal and moral standing to install monitoring software on their kid’s devices without their express consent.

But to remain on the side of the law – especially when monitoring adults – you may need to duly inform the owners of the devices or consult your legal advisor before installing spy software. If your kids have reached the adult age limit in your jurisdiction, you may lose the legal leverage to monitor them without their express consent.

You might also need to get your targets to consent in writing to your monitoring campaign to avoid any future legal repercussions. Nonetheless, it is your obligation to check and comply with all laws related to spyware use in your area before deploying it.

Privacy laws may vary widely from state to state, and what might be legal in one may be illegal in another. It’s your responsibility to remain compliant with any of these laws, even if you or your target moves to a different location during the monitoring campaign.

Smstrackers.com shall not be held responsible for any legal, emotional, physical, financial, or other repercussions that might directly or indirectly result from the use of the software in any jurisdiction. Smstrackers.com will not be held liable for any kind of damage caused by malicious users. It is the sole responsibility of a user to comply with existing laws. We denounce the illegal use of spying software, and we will corporate with law enforcement agents in the investigation and prosecution of malevolent users.

Also, you must be above the adult age limit of your jurisdiction to be legally qualified to use spy software. If you are under the adult age limit of your jurisdiction, you are not eligible to use spy applications for any purpose.

To Monitor Adults Legally with spy applications, you must ensure that:

  1. You have notified them and obtained a written permit from them.
  2. You’ve fully explained the purpose of your monitoring activity and what constitutes misappropriate phone use.
  3. For employees, your monitoring campaign must remain strictly work-related.
  4. For the elderly, you must have legal guardianship over them as well as their explicit consent. 

Trademark Disclaimer

Smstrackers.com will not hold liable for third-party products and services whose trademarks and logos are featured on our websites. These logos might be seen on our posts, web pages, or graphic ads such as banners. We are conscientious about protecting the safety and privacy of our visitors, but we cannot provide the same covering on third-party sites whose outbound links may be found on any parts of our website.