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eyeZy SMS Tracker: Is It a Reliable Method to Read Someone’s Text Messages?

Have doubts about eyeZy spy app? If you’re not convinced by eyeZy app reviews from real-life users, you should at least be moved by the buzz it’s generating among experts in the space. 

You can say that the app’s capabilities have put it in the eye of the storm in the industry. The app can easily bypass security measures on mobile platforms and phones, giving users express access to the phone activities of others.

In this eyeZy app review, we’ll be looking at many different ways that people with ethical motives can track others’ SMS. But we’ll double down on our most recommended method, providing all the info you need to deploy it successfully regardless of technical background.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages?

There’s a slew of ways to track someone’s messages, each with their varying probability of success, pros, and cons. From our years of expert phone tracking experience, we’ll be recommending the most worthwhile methods. They’ve stood the test of time and have much higher odds of delivering desired results.


If you want to search through messaging apps, you can use a keylogger to collect login details of your target’s accounts to track them from your device. Keyloggers come in various shapes and sizes, but you can expect an easy-to-follow keypress report from good ones. 

Good keyloggers present information in a neat arrangement, so you can easily figure out the “what’s” and “why’s” of every entry. For instance, every key typed in their Facebook app is displayed in the ‘Facebook’ category along with the reason behind them. 

Keyloggers also operate in stealth mode, widening the latitude of choice in your tracking operations.  

Spy Apps

With spy apps, you’ll come out with all guns blazing. Spy apps can blow off all the veils covering your target’s activities while still keeping things under wraps. They can crack into every messaging app on the phone without ever leaving any trace of their activities. Their comprehensive coverage reveals everything about your targets’ messages, showing not just the content but time and date stamps and full details of the senders/receivers.

What’s more, they also let you track other activities related to your target’s messages – calls, browsing activities, location data, etc. 

Now, if you want to jump headfirst into this method, we’ll recommend a spy app that’ll give you a safe landing.

What Is eyeZy?

eyeZy is a newly released spy app that’s currently taking the industry by storm. It takes phone tracking to a whole new dimension with AI. Users get to enjoy not just comprehensive coverage of a target phone’s data but also the analytical power of AI, which sorts data into a report that enables instant analysis.

This adds a unique twist to all the app’s features, providing greater value and helping users make more balanced decisions. 

eyeZy packs a punch of features for tracking phone messages. You can track text messages, emails, social media apps, etc.

How Does eyeZy Work?

eyeZy parental control features and high-caliber AI tracking algorithm doesn’t require users to possess any technical skills at any point in time. The Friendly Installer takes out technical mysticism from the installation process, enabling users to install the app with simple, easy-to-follow steps.

But depending on your device, the installation might require handling the target phone for a few moments. With eyeZy iPhone, you might need to handle the target phone to collect its iCloud credentials, deactivate two-factor authentication, and activate iCloud syncing for all messages.

You’ll be needing those credentials to plug into their iCloud account through eyeZy’s dashboard. And you also need to ensure that you’re not prevented by two-factor authentication and that their phone messages are loaded on their iCloud account.

eyeZy Android requires a direct installation. You might need to change some security settings to allow the app to be downloaded on the phone. You also need to load the app’s link on the phone to activate an automatic installation.

You can choose to use eyeZy in stealth or open mode. Once you’re done with the installation, the app starts sending you copies of your target’s text messages. You can get real-time updates, or you can review their activity history at your convenience.

Features of eyeZy 

For every phone activity, there’s a tracking feature in eyeZy. The key eyeZy features place all your target’s messages right in your palms.

Social Spotlight

This is a collection of tracking tools for all messaging apps, from SMS to emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, Skype, Tinder, etc. The AI-powered algorithm also helps you track deleted messages, so you can still catch up on all your target’s chats even after they’ve been deleted. It also reveals their contact lists on each messaging platform, complete with all the details of each contact. 

Magic Alerts

If you don’t want to go checking up on your target now and then, you can just wait until you get notified about suspicious conversations. The Magic Alerts feature lets you set words and phrases that trigger a notification once they’re mentioned in a conversation. You can also get notified about suspicious movements when your target enters or leaves a certain location.

So, you don’t need to check up on your target all the time, but if they’re up to some funny business, you’ll surely get wind of it. 

Keystroke Capture

eyeZy keylogger also uses AI to arrange your target’s keypresses in a neat, easy-to-follow guide. You’ll be able to see every message they type out across any platform, though you won’t be able to read incoming messages (the social spotlight feature can fill you in on that).

How Much Does eyeZy Cost?

eyeZy’s moderate, pocket-friendly pricing might surprise you, given the high-tech spy features you’ll get access to. You can use eyeZy for just $1 per day. The cost is the same for all devices.

Here’s an actual pricing list for eyeZy:

  • 1 month – $47.99/mo
  • 3 months – $27.99/mo
  • 12 months – $9.99/mo


Can I Install eyeZy Remotely?

Remote installation works only on iOS devices. eyeZy spy phone software lets you track your target’s phone data via their iCloud account. You simply need to enter your target’s iCloud credentials on your spy app’s dashboard to enable eyeZy to tap into their iCloud. 
Since Android phones do not have a cloud repository where the phone data is saved, spy apps can’t track Android phones via the cloud. The app needs to access the phone data where it’s stored, and that’s on the local hard drive. So, the app needs to be physically installed on the phone.

Which Mobile Phones or Devices Is eyeZy Compatible With?

eyeZy works on every Android phone running Android 4 and older. The app is also compatible with all iOS versions – so long as the phone has iCloud syncing capabilities. But the jailbroken version works only on iOS 7-13 and is newer. 

Does eyeZy Allow You to View Deleted Messages?

eyeZy creates copies of someone’s messages the moment they’re recorded on the phone’s hard drive. You can view the copies over and over again as many times as you want – even long after they’ve been deleted from the target’s phone.

How Can I Spy on Facebook Messenger?

eyeZy makes Facebook tracking simple and seamless. Like the other messages, eyeZy presents Facebook messages in a well-detailed report. On your user dashboard, you’ll find a clearly labeled report containing comprehensive details of all their Facebook activities.

Final Thoughts 

Perhaps the hardest part of learning how to track someone’s text messages is finding an excellent spy app offering reliable tools at an affordable rate. We’ve shown you why eyeZy is an ideal candidate for that. 

The app simplifies the art and science of phone tracking, enabling access to others’ messages with a plethora of features suited to many different purposes.