Flexispy Review

Various instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger have become a hit in the smartphone world. This is thanks to their ease of use and the ability to send and receive not only text messages but images and videos as well.

However, such apps are also a source of concern for those parents who are worried that their children might be getting involved in wrong activities. Many adults are also worried that their partners may be lying to them about something.

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Such worried people take help from mobile spy apps. These applications are designed to track almost every smartphone activity being performed on the target’s phone. However, many spy apps are confined to a few popular instant messengers and don’t track the rest. Thankfully, FlexiSPY is the only spy app that covers a whopping 16 messaging apps.

Not An Average Tracker

FlexiSPY does have some of the most common spying tools, such as:

  • Tracking SMS and calls.
  • Monitoring emails and contacts.
  • Listening to the phone’s surroundings.
  • Tracking the phone’s location.

However, where FlexiSPY differs from the rest is in its ability to do things that other spy apps don’t do. An example is a feature allowing you to intercept ongoing calls and record them. Perhaps the most intrusive feature of the apps is its ability to crack passwords for various services being used on the phone.

Not a Perfect One Either

With over 150 spying features and good customer support, FlexiSPY does stand out in the world of discreet, and often dangerous, spying. But the app has some major drawbacks. First, some features like the password cracker are a little too extreme and can cause serious legal concerns. And secondly, the software is way too expensive when compared to its competition.

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If you’re willing to take the risk of monitoring someone’s life as extremely as FlexiSPY allows, and are happy to dish out the cash required to do it, then this app might just be what you’ve been looking for.