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Choosing the right software to monitor the text messages that are sent or received by an individual can be a tough decision. There are so many different apps on the market all with their own pros and cons which makes it hard to decide which one is the best choice. That is why we have put together this gizmoquip review in the hope that it will give you some additional insight into this particular choice of software.

What is Gizmoquip?

Gizmoquip markets itself as the most complete phone tracking and monitoring system. It has been specifically designed to monitor all incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS and text messages as well as tracking all calls and GPS locations. It is among the most powerful tools that parents can use to keep tabs in their children no matter what they are doing online. We cannot always be with our kids, but apps like the Gizmo SMS tracker are fast becoming the next best thing to round the clock parental supervision. Once installed the software allows you to review all collected information via an online dashboard which can be accessed from any internet ready device – all you need to do is log in.

Key Features Offered by Gizmoquip

Gizmoquip offers has a number of features that parents can use to monitor what their kids are doing on their mobile phones. These features are outlined below:

  • SMS Tracking – All incoming and outgoing SMS messages are logged. Not only can you read the contents of these messages, but you will also have information regarding the time and date they were sent, who sent/received the SMS and even the location of the target device at the time.
  • MMS Tracking – It is not just text that parents need to be concerned about which is why the Gizmoquip is offering also included MMS tracking to monitor multimedia messages. Again you will be able to see sent and received MMS including the date, time, contact and location.
  • Browser Tracking – Our kids also use mobile devices in order to access the internet, so it is worth knowing what sites they are looking at. Gizmoquip SMS tracker monitors which sites are accessed and also logs the location of the device at that time.
  • GPS Tracking – Gizmoquip SMS tracker also allows you to view GPS locations on the map. Each time the phone is used the location will be recorded. You can also set intervals for the GPS to be noted even if the phone is not used. This allows you to see where your child is at any given time. This has many uses from ensuring they are not somewhere they are not permitted to go right through to helping to locate them if they were ever to go missing.
  • Call Logging – It is also possible to monitor all incoming, outgoing and even missed calls using this software. It can track the contact number, the time and date and also the duration of the call. Like the other monitoring features it will also record the GPS location at the time of the call.

Advantages of Choosing Gizmoquip

One of the main advantages that the Gizmoquip has over other software of this nature is that it records the GPS location of the device – and therefore your child at regular intervals and at each use. This means that if you want to know where your child is all you have to do is send them a text message and you will know where they are because a GPS location will be registered when they receive the text message. Compatibility is not an issues because as well as offering Gizmoquip SMS tracker for Android, there is also a version of Gizmoquip for iPhone as well. That means that regardless of which operating system your child favors you will have the ability to monitor them and keep them safe. This is a huge bonus for any parent.

Gizmoquip Disadvantages

One of the downsides that many parents have mentioned in regard to this app is that it is not invisible or hidden. This is due to regulations about those types of apps set out by the Google Play and Apple App stores that forbids such apps from being offered. The Gizmoquip offers will display an icon on the phone while it is running. This means that you cannot really monitor your child’s texts without them knowing about the app. However, while some see this as a disadvantage other parents have said it is actually a great deterrent. If you have an open dialogue with your child about what responsible cell phone use involves and inform them that you have the capability to monitor their activity on the device, but that you will only use it if they give you cause for suspicion then it can make them think twice before doing something you might not approve of while still giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you could monitor them if you had to!


Being a tool that specializes in SMS monitoring, Gizmoquip does its work very well, and is able to help you in monitoring what your kids are doing when they cannot tear themselves away from their cellphones. However, thanks to modern communications technologies, text messages are no longer the main conversation channel for most of people and especially teens. That’s why SMS monitoring specialization of Gizmoquip may just not be enough. Therefore it’s preferable to consider options with complex tracking approach, which includes call logs, Internet browsing history, GPS location tracing and even monitoring of instant messengers, like Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook messenger or Snapchat. One of such advanced SMS trackers is mSpy, which you can check by clicking the banner below:


Mspy –
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  1. i paid for three months f service, and now it wont let me log in…it works only if gps is turned on..other than that you cant locate them. and im tired of getting the recording to leave a message not talking to a live agent with me problems from their app.


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