Gone are the days when spying was limited to only some government agencies and other such companies. With the advancement in technology, it is now possible on the part of every individual to track the mobile phones of someone the want to keep an eye on like their kids, spouse or employees.

How to spy your boyfriend calls and sms?

Once you install the software on the target device, you can have an access over different data being transferred to and from the phone. Hence, you can know about the activities of your spouse or boyfriend or even monitor any troublesome employee with easiness. There are no complexities involved in the working of such spying apps. Once the app is in action, it will give you a detailed report of each and every call received or dialed from that particular phone.

One need not be any technical expert to access the recorded data. You will be provided a private account where all these data will be stored. Hence you can access all the data by logging into your account from anywhere anytime. You can also ask the vendor for some quick tips to get started with the tracking software.

How to Track Calls from Another Phone

Whenever a call is made to or from the tracked device; a message will be sent to you as notification regarding the same. New features are being added and the spy software is refined day by day. For example, the software that are available these days have the facility to not only track the call and messages but to all enable you to access the media content on the device such a pictures and videos.

The best thing about mobile/sms spying app is that it works in the background giving no clue that it is recording the data required. The person will never know that he/she is being watched upon. There are no tones while the call is being recorded by which the user can know about the application. With so many features to offer, the number of users of spy apps is increasing day by day.

Call History iKey

Most Advanced Call Tracking App

One such spy software which is very popular among the users is iKey Monitor. There are numerous features offered by this app and this list is frequently updated to meet with the most recent technology. In addition, iKey works fantastic with all main operating systems, and allows to monitor iPhone phones, track Android SMS,  BlackBerry, Symbians and Windows.

Here are some of the features of this app:

  • SMS logging

    You will be able to access all the messages that were sent to and from the phone you are targeting. Even the number of the sender or receiver will be available o you.

  • Call Logs

    This software will record the call logs of all outgoing as well as incoming call including other details like duration of call, number and more.

  • Picture/Video Logging

    You will have full access to view and even download all the pictures as well as videos that are present in the device you are monitoring. The downloaded images can be used for future reference.


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