How to Track Calls and Texts on Your Spouse’s Phone and Stay Undetected?

Every day, we face a certain danger of losing someone we love by accident or individual choice – our spouse is no exception. This threat becomes more imminent when they begin to hide things from you. That’s because, to do your own part to ensure that you always have them around, you need to know as much as possible about them and their daily lives.

If your relationship is beginning to become shrouded in secrets and suspicions, one of the best ways to get wind of things is by tracking your spouse’s cell phone activities. That’s because calls and texts are the easiest means to keep in touch with a secret lover these days.

If you’re concerned that your partner may be one of the 40% of Americans who cheat on their spouses, you can address those concerns if you can track your partner. Hence, let’s dig deep into the art of spying, equipping you with the emotional and technical resources you need to deal clinically with your suspicions. 

So, Should I Track My Spouse’s Cell Phone? 

In a normal relationship, there are no secrets — though there’s respect for privacy between the couple. That means you ought to know all about your spouse’s activities. If there are boundaries you shouldn’t cross — like meddling in her business, if you’re not her boss, both of you should agree on that, taking into consideration the consequences of doing so.

However, when it comes to keeping secret relationships that are out of line, you have good moral grounds to breach her privacy and access information your spouse wants to keep away from you.

But you need to tread with caution when infringing her privacy — if she catches you snooping around and your suspicions turned out untrue, you may have serious trust issues going forward. That implies that before deciding that it’s worth the risk, you need to do your due diligence and double-check for signs of cheating, and even try a direct approach before resorting to cheating as a final course of action.

Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating on You

The thought of having a cheating spouse can be quite a nightmare. However, you also need to ensure that you’re not possessive, impulsive, or even manipulative when you worry about your spouse cheating on you.

There are some glaring signs of cheating that ought to get you worried. These include:

Abrupt Behavioral Changes

Has she suddenly changed her daily routine without any reasonable explanation, coming back later or leaving earlier than usual? Is she now becoming more obsessed with her looks, going to the gym and beauty spa more regularly than usual? Perhaps she’s going head over heels for a new admirer.

Sudden Changes in Intimacy

Anytime there’s a sudden change in your level of intimacy, it’s something you ought to look closely into. If she’s suddenly become closed out and cold, acting all moody around you, it’s quite obvious that something is bugging her down. It might be quite the opposite, and she’s becoming more cuddling and affectionate than ever.

Whether or not she’s upfront about her change in intimacy levels is something you need to investigate.

They Hide Their Phones and Gadgets

Maybe your spouse gets apprehensive when you come around while they’re using their phone. They may be communicating with their secret lover when they walk out of the room to pick their calls, talk in hushed tones, and tucks away their phone when you walk in. 

Ways to Spy on Your Boyfriend

In these instances, it’s usually not advisable to jump to conclusions. Here are some of the most effective ways to investigate your suspicions if you suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you: 

Lookout for Changes in Your Relationship

Ask about the sudden change in his daily routine, changes in his level of intimacy, or why he’s no longer open with you about his feelings. If some things just don’t add up, perhaps you need to look closer than he’s letting you in on.

Check for Changes in His Behavior

Check if he’s becoming secretive over his phone and computer — changing the passwords to his devices and turning away from them when you walk in on him. Watch out for changes in his public display of love and his body language when he’s with a certain person or when you talk about certain things.

Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone

You can just cut to the chase and track your boyfriend’s phone number using a spy app. That way, you’ll get remote access to his calls and texts without ever raising suspicions. 

Ways for Tracking a Girlfriend

There are several ways to track your girlfriend, but the most effective ways include: 

Create a Fake Social Media Profile

You can follow your girlfriend on her favorite social media platforms with a fake profile to see if she falls for strangers that hit on her.

Create a Phishing Site

You can create a fake clone of her favorite social media platform and then lure your girlfriend into entering her login credentials there, so you can capture them and use them to track her on the real site.

Install a Spy App

You can install a spy app on her phone to gain remote access to her calls and texts stealthily. Spy apps are considered the best solution as they let you break into someone’s phone without having a risk of getting caught.

Tracking Texts and Phone Calls With Spy Apps

The best method to track your boyfriend is to install spyware. With top-notch spy apps, you only need to access your spouse’s phone just once to set up the app, after which the app begins sending you their phone data stealthily.

Advanced spying tools like mSpy provide you with a wide range of high-tech features that significantly increase your chances of finding something meaningful. 

Features of mSpy for iPhone:

  • Location tracker. You’ll be able to tell where he is in real-time, as well as all the places he’s been to all day.
  • Contact names and numbers. You’ll also have access to all his contact lists, so you can see everyone she’s been calling and texting.
  • Exchanged media files. Find out about all the videos, pictures, and meme files he’s been sharing or receiving online.
  • Geofencing. Get alerted whenever he leaves a prefixed location during a certain period — for instance, his workplace during working hours.

mSpy Features for Android:

  • Keylogger. This feature gives you a detailed, analysis-ready report of every single key he presses on his phone for any reason.
  • Social media details. Such a feature works only on rooted Android phones. It gives you access to all his social media activities, including Facebook, Kik, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, FB Messenger, Line, emails, Hangouts.

Screenshots. If you prefer not to root his phone, you can still get to see screenshots of activities on platforms like Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook.

What Is the Best App to Monitor My Lover’s Calls and SMS?

mSpy provides an unmatched collection of spying tools as well as a straightforward interface to enable you to spy like a pro, even if you have zero prior technical experience.

Can I Track Deleted Texts and Calls?

Unfortunately, most spy apps don’t allow you to track deleted texts and calls. However, they capture and send you every call or text data from your target’s phone the moment they’re sent or received on the phone, so you can still have a chance to view them before your spouse deletes them.

Is This Tracker App Hidden for My Partner?

Yes, mSpy disappears entirely into the background of the target phone, where it works without leaving behind any icon or consuming any traceable number of resources like data or memory space.

Do I Need Access to the Phone to Track Calls and Texts?

Once you take a brief moment to set up the app on the target phone, you’ll be able to carry out your spying campaign remotely from the comfort of your smartphone. 

How Often Is the List of Calls and Messages Updated?

You can set the interval of updates, depending on how frequently you’d like to check up on your spouse.

Final Thoughts 

The thought of a cheating spouse can weigh down heavily on you. But measures like top-notch spy apps can help you put those suspicions to bed by enabling you to confirm or disprove them easily.

You’ll be able to check up on your spouse’s calls, texts, social media activities, location, all without ever raising suspicion.

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