Mobile Spy Review

Many people are against the idea of using cell phone monitoring applications to track someone’s activities. They say that this is a breach of their private space, and should not be done in any circumstances. However, tracking people sometimes becomes a little too important to ignore.

The Most Common Uses of Spy Apps

Spy apps are mostly used by parents and employers to make sure that their children and employees, respectively, are not misusing their gadgets. Parents track their children so that they can keep them out of harm’s way, and employers use spy apps so that their employees don’t slack off at work.

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Mobile Spy – From Basic to Unique

One of the most popular and stable phone monitoring apps on the market is Mobile Spy. While the application boasts similar features to other apps like monitoring SMS messages, call logs, bookmarks, internet usage, contacts, social media apps, and location etc., Mobile Spy has a few tricks up its sleeve that most others don’t.

  • It allows you to block access to certain apps on the phone.
  • It helps you to lock, locate, or even wipe the device by sending an SMS command.
  • It tracks the target phone with the target’s full awareness, as it shows a visible but tamper-proof icon in the phone. This allows the user to avoid any legal circumstances they may have to face otherwise.

See the Action Live

By far the most unique feature of the app is its LIVE Control Panel. This allows users to visually access the target phone in real-time. This means that you can see the screen of the target phone instantly if you require, or get a real-time location of the phone.

The Downsides

Even with all these features, Mobile Spy is not perfect. It doesn’t support Windows Mobile or Symbian phones. The LIVE Control Panel is only available in the Premium version, and unlike some other apps it doesn’t let you restrict the phone usage time for your employees at work.

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However, if you can live with these cons, then Mobile Spy is one of the best rated spy apps on the market, thanks to its unique features and 24/7 live customer support.