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SMS (Short Message Service) has existed for over 20 years, and there are no indications of its fame reducing soon. A recent report suggests that 16 million SMS are sent per minute worldwide. 

Although SMS are great for communicating with friends and family, most people now adopt this service for their nefarious activities. For example, teens can send sultry pictures to their counterparts via text. Additionally, your spouse can talk with a secret lover through SMS. 

Thus, it’s normal to see searches like “how to monitor text messages on an iPhone” rank high on Google. 

Your Google queries are going to yield answers – tons of them. But what other option is reliable enough to track iPhone messages without putting your own privacy at risk?

Well, a select few are grouped under an umbrella term – SMS tracker apps. 

This detailed guide will examine what SMS tracker apps for iPhones are and why they’ve become famous. Also, if you have reservations about SMS tracking, I’ll explain why monitoring someone’s texts is legitimate. 

Ready to learn the specifics of tracking text messages on an iPhone? Let’s dive in! 

Track iPhone Messages: When Should You Do It?

When it comes to using hidden tracking apps for iPhones, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to do so. The following are some of the most popular reasons:

  • Teenage Children

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to protect your kids. With vices like cyberbullying and sexting rising, it’s vital to keep tabs on your ward’s SMS texts to see if they’re into something illicit. 

To ensure you don’t lose their trust, I advise using a dedicated SMS tracking service that works in Stealth Mode. 

  • Partner Verification

If you’d like to know if your partner is truly your “ride or die,” spying on their text messages is crucial to see if they’re facilitating a secret affair.  

In case your partner is trying to be sneaky and delete any explicit messages, a hidden sms tracker for iPhone is recommended to pinpoint these conversations and confront them.

  • Elderly Parents at a Distance

Scammers are becoming more crafty in their approach to defrauding people. 

If you have aging parents that live far away, install an iPhone SMS tracker application onto their devices.

Why? To ensure they’re not clicking strange URLs and talking to cybercriminals masked as “buddies.”

  • Entrepreneur

If you own a company, you’d know that productivity is a prerequisite for growth and attaining those decent ROI values. However, during work hours, some staff members might waste precious time texting. 

To know the employees are taking your organization to the next level and those dragging it back, you may want to take the bold step and install SMS tracking applications on company devices.

Thus, you can sift out the wheat from the chaff, thereby meeting your firm’s aspirations in the long run. 

How to Track Text Messages Using a Spy App?

After inputting phrases like – track text on iPhone – into Google’s search bar, a truckload of alternatives will make their way onto your screen. 

Nonetheless, you must be careful.

Behind the glitter of most mediums are subpar add-ons that can’t grant you access to the basics. It gets worse, as several are clear-cut scams. However, there’s one route I recommend – spy apps!

Spy applications, as their naming suggests, are unique software curated to get insight into a target iPhone’s data bits. These applications track text messages on iPhone in “Stealth Mode,” ensuring no evidence is left behind.

A spy application revered for its SMS tracking add-ons and more? mSpy!

Coming to the phone monitoring market in 2011, mSpy dictates the pace for others to follow. Besides giving its users access to top-tier SMS monitoring functionalities, the application has 35+ features in its arsenal. Thanks to its feature-rich platform, more than 1.5 million people use the app to monitor their targets’ digital behavior.

Incorporating bank-grade encryption, mSpy is a secure and reliable spy app. With this service, you’re certain of an encompassing iPhone spying adventure without third-party interference. 

No one besides you can see the data collected from the target device. It’s only your eyes that are given full access.

Additionally, the spy app offers non-jailbreak solutions. No matter the iPhone model you’re targeting, non-jailbreak solutions can give you access to its data remotely. All you have to do is input the iCloud credentials of the target device, and you’re good to go.

What’s more? If you encounter issues while using the platform, mSpy has a 24/7 helpdesk available to resolve your concerns speedily. It doesn’t matter how technical things may be; you’ll get a solution without long delays. 

mSpy’s Pricing

So, do you need to take out multiple checkbook pages to afford mSpy? Not quite. This spy application, despite its sophisticated add-ons, is cost-effective.

Here’s an overview of available mSpy premium plans:

  • 1 Month: $48.99 
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.66 per month

DID YOU KNOW: mSpy has a great Refund Policy. For context, if the service doesn’t tally your preferences 14 days after subscription, you’re eligible for a refund. Talk about a spy app committed to customer satisfaction.

Monitor Text Messages on iPhone With mSpy Features

mSpy is a reliable spy application with many top-notch features in its résumé. For context, this application has over 30 functions – a number not showcased by most spying services on the Internet. 

Here are the notable functionalities you’ll have access to as a premium mSpy user:

Call Monitoring

Would you like context into your ward or spouse’s calls without them knowing? mSpy is available to grant you in-depth context on the target’s incoming and outgoing exchanges alongside their timestamps. 

If you don’t want a specific number conversing with the target, mSpy allows you to block these contacts.

Track Text Messages

Although iPhones might seem rock-solid, mSpy can sift out text messages available on these devices. This iPhone text tracker not only allows you to access text messages but also to view any multimedia content available.

GPS Tracking and Geofencing Alerts

Accessing someone’s current GPS location isn’t rocket science anymore. With mSpy, you can view where your kid or spouse heads to once they leave home. 

To make things easier, their whereabouts will appear on a detailed map. 

mSpy also allows its clients to set danger zones across a map. So, let’s say you added a local hotel to your list of restricted spots. If a target enters this location, you’ll receive an instant notification from the mSpy app.

Read Social Media Applications

Social media spying is amongst mSpy’s most valuable additions. Using this feature, you’ll be able to view the target’s activities on popular social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LINE, Tinder, and Kik.

Control Apps and Programs

mSpy gives you a rundown of all available applications and programs on the target iPhone. You can also block apps that’ll negatively affect the target in the long run.

View Multimedia Files

Upon installation, mSpy will grant you unlimited access to the target’s multimedia files. Once they take a photo or video, it’ll register on your unique mSpy dashboard.

You’ll also know the exact timeline these files appeared on the target’s iPhone.


Would you like to see what’s being typed on an iPhone in real time? mSpy’s “Keylogger” makes this endeavor possible. With this feature enabled, you can accurately track all keyboard taps on an iPhone. 

What’s more? You can place alerts on words. So, if the target enters any of these keywords on their SMS texts or Bing searches, mSpy will alert you. 

Monitor Internet Activity

The Internet is home to tons of shady characters. As a parent looking to protect your wards from cyberbullying and child predation, mSpy will assist you in monitoring their online activities.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, use mSpy to halt their access to websites you consider harmful.

Read Emails

Besides being a top iPhone text tracker, mSpy can also access email exchanges on a target device.

Whether the target adopts Gmail or Yahoo Mail as their preferred emailing service, mSpy grants you access to the exchanges on both platforms.

You can also view the contact information of recipients via the mSpy application. 

Apps to Track Text Messages on iPhone: Legal or Not?

Many people considering using a spy tool to read someone else’s iPhone text messages have one big question: is it legal?

You can use spy applications without encountering the wrath of the law in certain countries. However, in some jurisdictions, spy app usage can get you arrested.

To know what’s applicable in your region, I recommend contacting a technology lawyer to give you an overview of phone monitoring regulations. 

NOTE: Although spyware usage in the United States is an illicit activity, you can use them to monitor your kid’s iPhone without issues. Nonetheless, you must get their permission to spy on them once they’re 18 or above.

Track Text Messages on an iPhone for Free: Myth or Reality

Spying services spend lots of time and money to make their applications up to par. Thus, it’s almost impossible to find a top-notch spying app that’ll give you access to its premium functionalities without paying a token. 

Although your “apps to track texts on iPhone for free in 2022” might yield numerous results, featured mediums are often fronts for fraudulent activities. 

However, not all hope is lost as several apps now have a “Free Trial.” Regardless, don’t be carried away. Make sure you read app reviews from reputable platforms.

If anything seems off, I’d advise you to steer clear. At this juncture, it’s clear that free spying services have several clogs in the mix. 

To get your money’s worth, select an excellent spy app like mSpy. Their plans are inexpensive, and you’ll have unlimited access to a target device’s data without doing anything extra. 

IMPORTANT: Unlike other spying services, mSpy has a unique Demo Mode function. Heading to this section should get you in sync with a “replica” of mSpy’s actual dashboard. Thus, you can test mSpy premium add-ons before taking the plunge. How convenient!

How to Install mSpy for Tracking Text Messages on an iPhone?

You might think that installing an app as sophisticated as mSpy is a complex act that needs tech-savviness. 

However, this notion is incorrect. You can get your SMS monitoring endeavor started by following these simple, straightforward steps:

Step 1. Create an Account

To use mSpy, head to the official site and click on the “Try Now” button. On the subsequent page, insert your email address and check the T&C’s box.

Step 2. Pick a Target OS and Subscribe

Once you’ve created a mSpy profile, choose a target OS. Since you intend to spy on an iPhone, tap “iOS.”

Afterward, pick a plan that suits your finances. mSpy has monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.

Step 3. Install the mSpy Application on the Target Device

Once you’ve made payment for your chosen package, you’ll receive an email from mSpy. 

Don’t share the contents of this email with anybody, as it contains your dashboard logins and an installation guide. Using this guide, install mSpy onto the target’s iPhone. 

If you encounter issues, there’s 24/7 customer support available to cater to your every need. 

Step 4. Commence Monitoring!

After successfully installing mSpy on the target iPhone, open your web browser and sign into your dashboard.

Now, you can access the target’s SMS texts, call logs, GPS location, social media chats, and emails. 

NOTE: mSpy allows you to monitor any iPhone via its iCloud logins. However, ensure that 2FA is disabled to avoid installation issues

Major Takeaway

If you need a perfect solution for how to track text messages on iPhone, use a spy application. Besides giving you unlimited access to a target’s messages, you can use these applications to spy on their GPS location, social media interactions, and Internet history. 

Although there are numerous text tracking apps for the iPhone, mSpy is an alternative that trumps the rest. 

Using this spy application, you can expect a monitoring adventure that denotes 100% efficiency. To get the ball rolling with mSpy, head to their official website and pick a subscription. 

You can also use mSpy’s demo mode functionality for context into its offerings. Before you use the mSpy app, ensure its use is legal in your jurisdiction.

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  1. I am trying to find a app that doesn’t require jailbreaking the phone. I have purchased 2 that very we’ll said no jailbreaking but once the link was sent to me the first think that it said I need was to jailbreak the phone for another $19.00. Please help

    • Hello Linda,

      You can do that with a mobile monitoring software. You should install a cell phone monitoring software on a target phone.


    • There is an option to download the app directly to the phone if you are able to get access to the device for 10-15 minutes. After the installation you won’t need the target device for further monitoring and the software can be uninstalled remotely.

  2. If my partner has a password on his phone and no way I can get in his phone how can I get away to see his outgoing and incoming messages?

    • You can set up the app on his phone by using his iCloud login details. Choose your subscription plan on mSpy’s website, log in to your control panel, and then input the credentials. COntact their support team in case you have any trouble with the installation.

  3. How do you know if this is on your phone? And how is it put on your phone if he did not have access to mine? my ex keeps getting my phone calls, I changed my phone number and he is still getting my calls. I donʼt know what else he has access to. When my friends try to call me it goes to his phone and either he answers or goes to his voicemail. I get the call on mine at the same time but if I donʼt answer he does.

    • These apps are really hard to detect as they hide their activity from the system and don’t leave any traces. As far as I know, mSpy’s functionality doesn’t allow the users to fully intercept the calls. You can record them or block them, but there is no way for you to redirect the calls to a different phone. He might have used a different way to do this, so you should get your phone checked by a professional to see if they can detect anything unusual.

  4. How do I put this on the target phone to spy? Do I need Apple ID and password or how does this work? I want to track messages, phone calls, and apps downloaded if possible.

    • Yes, you may use iCloud credentials of the targeted device to install the iPhone tracker app. After purchasing mSpy’s subscription, you will be directed to your control panel where you’ll be able to input the credentials to connect the device. The app tracks all phone messages, calls, and downloads. You can even remotely control what is downloaded on the phone and block unwanted content. It also has a built-in gps tracker for iPhones.

    • To do so, you will need to install an iPhone tracker application on his phone. The app works in a background mode and is not detected on the target device, so your husband won’t know the app is installed on his phone.

  5. Hello, my husband is cheating on me, but I can’t touch to his phone, so how come I can track phone call or messages from his viber


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