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In the modern age of technology, we use our cell phones for almost everything. For today, we need them not only for making calls but also for accessing the Internet, chatting with friends, sending SMS, and doing many other things. All this may sound like a great thing, but in many cases, having so many freedoms can create countless problems that we have never anticipated before.

So what are the problems that may arise from the inappropriate use of iPhones and other devices with the Internet connection? That’s simple! Teenagers and even younger children can interact with people they should not while employees can share information vital to the company they work for with competitors, not to mention that they can spend their working hours doing personal business and countless other things with the help of corporate cell phones.


iPhone SMS Spyware

If you have minor children, teenagers, or employees using company-owned iPhones, you need a reliable iPhone tracker to know exactly where the target device is right now, whom its user is talking to, what they are doing, and when. The fact is that people may give false information regarding their whereabouts, as well as what they are doing at this very moment. Furthermore, since most of us have very busy lives, it is not always easy to protect our kids and business so that it’s not surprising that we may want to use a powerful tool able to provide us with everything we need.

It’s not a secret that it is very easy for children to tell us they are going to school or library, but we all know, kids do not always tell the truth. With the right text tracking app for iPhone, you can easily find out whether they are truthful or not. Another reason why it is a smart idea to install an iPhone SMS monitoring app on your kid’s device is that you can find out certain things that may negatively affect their personality and behavior before it is too late. For example, it is possible to find out if they are being harassed at school or online and if they are involved in unsavory activities without your knowledge.

SMS Tracker Apps for iPhone

Individuals that are hesitant to invest in such an app can always find some free SMS tracking solutions for iPhone by simply surfing the web. No matter which one you choose, the information you can learn by using any of them is priceless. Just imagine, with the help of spying software, you can find out that your son or daughter is going somewhere they should not be or that they are communicating with people who can harm them. In cases like these, an SMS tracker app for iPhone can save your child’s life, and it is not an exaggeration. Besides, now you can even use iPhone sms tracker without jailbreak!
When it comes to monitoring employees, an iPhone tracking app can help prevent financial damage to your company, as well as sharing private data with competitors. Another reason to install a free SMS tracker App on the target iPhone is that it can determine if people who work for your company use the corporate phones for their intended purpose instead of chatting with friends. In some cases, SMS tracking apps can even help you identify an unscrupulous employee conducting personal business, selling confidential data, or communicating with unwanted personalities.

Features of the iPhone Text Messages Tracker App

Now that we have discussed some of the reasons and benefits of using an iPhone tracker, let us identify some of their key features.

mSpy GPS location tracking

  • GPS locator

    – This feature allows you to locate where the iPhone user is right now, as well as check their route history over a specific period of time. The whereabouts are usually shown on a detailed map. It is highly useful not only for locating your kid or employee but also for monitoring elderly family members when they are on the go.

  • Email monitoring

    – This is a great tool that allows you to read all email messages of your workers, as well as find out when they were sent and received. Thus, you will be able to know whom they are communicating with during their working hours, whether they are sharing the company data or key information about the customers, and so on.

  • Phone call logs

    – This feature provides you with all information related to calls, including the date, time, duration, and phone number/name of the caller or those contacted by the user of the target iPhone.

  • SMS monitoring

    – This tool allows you to read all messages on the target iPhone or another iOS device, from standard SMS to all files sent and received via Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, and other instant messengers.

In this way, free iPhone monitoring software and more sophisticated paid applications can protect your child, as well as prevent your workers from misusing company equipment and resources or doing other inappropriate things. So take the first step towards peace of mind with a free iPhone SMS tracker or try a more powerful, customizable application for the better result!


26 thoughts on “SMS Tracker App for iPhone

  1. I am trying to find a app that doesn’t require jailbreaking the phone. I have purchased 2 that very we’ll said no jailbreaking but once the link was sent to me the first think that it said I need was to jailbreak the phone for another $19.00. Please help

    1. MSpy has non-jailbreak solution, which should be suitable for your needs. You can contact their Support Center for detailed information regarding installation process and available features.

    1. Hello Linda,

      You can do that with a mobile monitoring software. You should install a cell phone monitoring software on a target phone.


    1. There is an option to download the app directly to the phone if you are able to get access to the device for 10-15 minutes. After the installation you won’t need the target device for further monitoring and the software can be uninstalled remotely.

  2. If my partner has a password on his phone and no way I can get in his phone how can I get away to see his outgoing and incoming messages?

    1. You can set up the app on his phone by using his iCloud login details. Choose your subscription plan on mSpy’s website, log in to your control panel, and then input the credentials. COntact their support team in case you have any trouble with the installation.

  3. How do you know if this is on your phone? And how is it put on your phone if he did not have access to mine? my ex keeps getting my phone calls, I changed my phone number and he is still getting my calls. I donʼt know what else he has access to. When my friends try to call me it goes to his phone and either he answers or goes to his voicemail. I get the call on mine at the same time but if I donʼt answer he does.

    1. These apps are really hard to detect as they hide their activity from the system and don’t leave any traces. As far as I know, mSpy’s functionality doesn’t allow the users to fully intercept the calls. You can record them or block them, but there is no way for you to redirect the calls to a different phone. He might have used a different way to do this, so you should get your phone checked by a professional to see if they can detect anything unusual.

  4. How do I put this on the target phone to spy? Do I need Apple ID and password or how does this work? I want to track messages, phone calls, and apps downloaded if possible.

    1. Yes, you may use iCloud credentials of the targeted device to install the iPhone tracker app. After purchasing mSpy’s subscription, you will be directed to your control panel where you’ll be able to input the credentials to connect the device. The app tracks all phone messages, calls, and downloads. You can even remotely control what is downloaded on the phone and block unwanted content. It also has a built-in gps tracker for iPhones.

    1. To do so, you will need to install an iPhone tracker application on his phone. The app works in a background mode and is not detected on the target device, so your husband won’t know the app is installed on his phone.

  5. Hello, my husband is cheating on me, but I can’t touch to his phone, so how come I can track phone call or messages from his viber

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