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Are you a parent that spends a tremendous amount of time doing your best to keep on top of where your kids go and what they are doing when they are not in your presence? Do you devote your free time to looking after their safety and security even when you cannot be together because the requirements of your life get in the way? If you are a parent that does their best to ensure the health, safety, and happiness of your child then you know there is almost nothing that would stop you from looking out for them.

Are you a parent who has a child or a teenager that has started to have a change in personality? Were they once star students and their grades are starting to fail? Did your child or children always seem to get along with everyone but now they always seem to be alone? Perhaps your once happy and bubbly child has start to exhibit nothing bet negativity all of the time. If you have noticed any sort of change in your child or children’s personality and they have a cell phone, it may be time to consider using an android SMS tracker.


Why use an SMS tracker for Android?

Android SMS tracking app is a beneficial tool that can help you find out exactly what it going on in your child’s life. No matter how tight a bond you may feel you have with your teenager, there are always going to be things that they keep hidden from you. The reason for this is often times young kids and teenagers do not want to do something that can get them in trouble with their parents, so they hide them, even if they are not the one doing wrong.

Furthermore, teenagers may be doing things that they should not be doing, such as doing drugs, sneaking out of the house to spend time with unsavory friends, or partaking in other illegal activities. The only way to know for sure what your child or children are doing is to consider a  Android cell phone monitoring that users will not detect.

What does an SMS monitor do for users?

It is always important to understand exactly what an application does before you go through the trouble of installing it on the cell phone of your child or teenager. The best tracker for Android will offer a number of essential features. The following is a list of those features that you want to ensure the app you decide to use possesses.

  • Ease of Installation

    – One of the most important aspects to any tracking software is ease of installation and set-up. SMS trackers such as mSpy, take minimal time and effort to install on the target device. Without needing excessive instructions you can have the app installed and ready to use on the target device quickly.

  • SMS message tracking

    – This feature allows you to monitor all of the incoming and outgoing messages on the target device. You will see all content as well as the date, time, and sender/receiver information. Even when messages are deleted, you will still be able to retrieve them when viewing your data in your control panel.

  • Email monitoring

    – Stay on top of all information by accessing all emails sent/received on the target device. Like SMS tracking, you will have all data available to know exactly whom the user of the target device is communicating with at any given time.

  • Instant message monitoring

    – There are countless chat apps currently being used. A good tracker will allow you to access the information from conversations held on Skype, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Social networks.

  • Internet Monitoring

    – This feature allows you to monitor the browsing history on the target device providing you with the URLs for websites visited. It also provides data regarding when the websites were accessed, provides you with the option to view all bookmarks, as well as allowing you to block specific websites so the user of the target device has no means to access them.

  • Call monitoring

    – This feature allows you to know exactly who is calling the user of the target device along with whom they are calling. You will be able to view date, time, phone number, duration of call and more, all from your Control Panel. This information will be invaluable when addressing whom your child or teenager is talking to at any given time. Even if they deny it, you will have the proof in the call history.

  • GPS location tracking

    – This feature does exactly as it states, it provides you with the location of the user of the phone. It not only provides the current location, it provides a detailed route history for a specific period of time.

mSpy call logBest Gps Tracker for Kids and Teens

If you are wanting to know where your child or teenager is at any given time, want to know who they are talking to, and what they are up to, and they will not offer the information voluntarily it is time for an cell phone tracker. Among the many available, mSpy is the best SMS tracker for android phone users.

If you are looking to monitor your child/teenager, or even an employees’ whereabouts and actions, it may be time to look into a free SMS tracker for android phones. By trying out one of the free trackers that are available, you will get a feel for how they work and step up to a better tracker that offers you more of the features you need.