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Every day, children around the world are approached by online predators. These predators manipulate these vulnerable children and can sometimes leave them scarred for life. This is a major source of concern for today’s parents, and they wish to be in touch with their children constantly so that they can protect them.
However, in this day and age where technology and gadgets have taken over so much of our daily lives, it’s pretty impossible for parents to be looking out for their children all the time. That is why monitoring applications have become so popular these days, as they can help parents be aware of whatever is going on in their children’s lives.

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The Unethical Side of Spy Apps

While there are many spy apps available today for parents to use, most of them hide themselves in the target’s phone completely. This does allow for better ‘spying’, but it also raises concerns about the privacy of the target. This becomes especially troublesome for employers who wish to track the activities of their employees, and they are unable to use such applications due to legal concerns.

Out Comes SpyBubble

If you are a parent and wish to be on the lookout for your children, or an employer who wants to make sure that his employees are not lying about something, and you want to do all of this without invading their privacy then SpyBubble is the app you should take a look at. This application lets you do everything that other monitoring apps do, and it does those things without making itself hidden in the target phone.

Keep an Eye on Your Children

With SpyBubble, parents can now be sure of what their children are doing and with whom they are communicating. The app provides parents with regular updates about several of their children’s phone activities. They can read their children’s text messages, take a look at their call logs, check their emails and instant messages, and also see which websites they are visiting. SpyBubble goes a step further than other apps by allowing you to redirect text messages from the target phone to yours, hence allowing you to monitor phones that don’t have internet capabilities.
For parents with young teens who like to go out a lot, SpyBubble also allows you to track their location so that you know where your children are at all times.

Make Sure Your Employees Are Performing Well

Companies that allows their employees to bring their own personal devices to the office often have to make sure their employees are performing to the best of their abilities. If you are unsure of your employees’ performance, and are worried the reason might be too much cellphone use, then SpyBubble is the solution for you. You can install the app on their phones and see how often they use their devices to check Facebook posts or tweet about their day.

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This not only gives you peace of mind but also ensures that your employees aren’t wasting their time on their phones while at work. And by making itself visible as an app on the phone, SpyBubble allows you to openly monitor your employees rather than having to potentially cross any ethical or legal boundaries.