Apple Store offers users an exceptional choice of applications. Exploring each week’s favourites, you can find many brain training games, productivity, meditation and workout tools selected by the editors’ team.
As you see, your options are endless. Though not every other app is on App Store. And your attempts to find useful iPhone spyware on App Store may end in failure. So here we will tell you about top incredibly helpful spying apps for iPhone you never heard about.

What Can iPhone Spyware Do?

Before revealing you the list of the best iPhone spyware, we decided to explain how the spyware works briefly. Many users think that the primary purpose of iPhone spyware is to capture messages and other info stored on the Apple device. And it’s partly true. Spyware has many other useful features that allow you to know the location of the iPhone, check the browsing history and even access the photo gallery to see pictures and videos.

There are a lot of things you can discover using iPhone spy apps. But it doesn’t mean that this tool works only if you control it. Many spying apps have features that work without your interference. For example, you can receive alerts when someone you track enters the dangerous zone. You can also get notifications when a user types specific words in messages to someone.

To put it shortly, iPhone spy apps records every action that happens on the device and transfer the data to your account. Once you logged in your profile, you will see the activity logs perfectly organized in your Control Panel.

How Do I Check My iPhone Spy App Data?

Those who didn’t have experience using spyware may find the whole process a little bit difficult. But it is pretty straightforward when you split it into several steps. So, here are the short explanation divided into simple steps for you:

  1. Installation and Setup;
    To let the iPhone spyware begin collecting logs you need to install it on the device you want to track. Usually, it doesn’t take too much time and effort. You need to connect your iPhone to the computer or laptop and install the spyware following the instructions provided by the app developer.
    Even if it doesn’t sound easy-peasy, you won’t find the process difficult once you see the instructions. Moreover, if the service you chose offers around-the-clock customer support, you won’t need to figure out how it works on your own.
  2. Gathering logs;
    Now when it’s installed, the iPhone spyware will start collecting activity logs. It doesn’t require your interference. The spyware works in stealth mode and isn’t visible on an iPhone.
    Each of the spying apps offers a different feature set. But usually, iPhone spy apps will track sent and received messages, WhatsApp conversations, browser history, list of calls and contacts and some other info.
    In general, all the iPhone spyware updates the logs within 24 hours since the last iCloud backup. Spying apps depend on iCloud backup, and that’s because they get the information logs right from the iCloud, not the iPhone itself.
  3. Checking your Control Panel for updates;
    After the logs are updated, you can enter your Control Panel to check all the data. Your Control Panel is simply a web-based panel, which you can access with your login credentials. Here you will see the categorized activities and can find out details by clicking on each feature.
    You can also control the spying app itself from your Control Panel. Here you can manage your subscription, change the iPhone monitored, chat with customer support assistant and see all the data about the iPhone you track.

Is It Possible To Spy On Cell Phone Without Installing Any Software?

Many users want to spy on someone’s iPhone without installing the real spyware on the device. Indeed, it is what you expect from a powerful spying tool. We can assure you that it is possible. Most of the spying tools allow you to use the monitoring without installation on the target iPhone.
But no app can spy on someone’s iPhone without identifying this device. So, you need to provide iCloud credentials of the iPhone you want to track. Once linked with the particular iCloud account and the device itself, the spyware will connect to the iCloud to update the activity logs.
So, you won’t need physical access to the device if you manage to get the iCloud credentials. By the way, make sure iCloud backup is turned on to let the iPhone spyware retrieve the activity logs.


Top iPhone Spyware You Need To Try In 2020

So, we approached the list we promised you at the beginning. Here are the best iPhone spyware, which you can try out now:

  1. mSpy;spyware-for-iphone-by-mspy
    mSpy is the ultimate parental control solution. This app is excellent for many purposes: along with your kid’s device, you can install mSpy on your parents’ iPhones to make sure they are fine when you aren’t around.
    While other spying services can’t provide flexible support team working hours, mSpy offers 24/7 multi-language support. Although the installation process can be tricky sometimes, a customer support agent can help you install and set up the iPhone spyware remotely.
  2. The Spybubble;spy-on-iphone-with-thespybubble
    The Spybubble is a spy app, which often attracts customer with limited offers and promos. But, promos aside, this app is really great iPhone spyware, which covers lots of features. The Spybubble is compatible with all iOS versions and doesn’t require a jailbreak.
    The Spybubble offers fair pricing policy and 25+ features that can come in handy. Even if you don’t find the application useful for your purposes, you won’t be disappointed as it’s not expensive.
  3. FlexiSpy;iphone-spyware-flexispy
    FlexiSpy can compete with two previous spying apps, as its feature set is indeed impressive. Although some features aren’t available on iPhones, it doesn’t make the app the bad option. FlexiSpy has been on the market for a while, so you can be sure this service is reliable.

Though, FlexiSpy has one drawback. It requires you to jailbreak the iPhone you intend to track. But if you can easily jailbreak the device, there will be no disadvantage for you!
Whichever app you decide to use, you can expect smooth and flawless work. With lots of iPhone spy apps options and useful features, it’s easy to spy on someone’s phone and find out what the person is up to.

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