girl can see her boyfriend's text messages without him knowing

Has your man been acting secretive, and you are thinking who your boyfriend is texting? Has he hid his phone away when you are around or, even more suspiciously, messaging and calling late into the night? When asked, he might act out and explain it is work or a buddy of his. A conversation that he wants you to believe is none of your business. Well, if this sounds like you, then it is about time to find just what he’s been up to and know the reality of this relationship.

Hence, let’s find out who your boyfriend is texting and get the answers you deserve.

Is There an App to See Who He Is Texting?

Nowadays, the Internet has an app for everything, right? There is no need to look further than the phone spy app. mSpy is an app that allows you to track who your boyfriend is texting. Hence, by using such software, you can dispel all your doubts regarding your boyfriend’s loyalty. 

There are a number of subscription packages available, even a corporate version if you wish to keep an eye on what your employees are up to. See, partners aren’t the only ones we find suspicious.

How to Choose the Best SMS Checker App?

If you wish to find software that suits you well, then the first step you should do is check the websites of products you keep an eye on. There are many spy tools that offer a live demo version that allows you to become more familiar with the software.

Hence, before looking for software to find out who your boyfriend is texting, you need to answer three common questions:

  • Why do you need spying software?
  • What features of spyware are you looking for?
  • What price fits you well?

Once you answer these simple questions, you will be pretty sure how to choose the best SMS checker app.

Best Choice Depends on What Your Needs Are

There is no one best spy app choice for everyone. The best choice varies from person to person. Someone might want to check the only SMS, while the other person needs GPS location and messengers activity monitoring app. Hence, the choice is not one specific app. If you want to monitor your cheating boyfriend’s calls and contacts, you need to find an app that offers both features at a reasonable cost or free. 

You must be clear what you are looking for only; then, you can find spy software that fits your needs well.

App to See Who Someone Is Texting


Signs He’s Been Cheating

He’s Been Acting Differently

the boyfriend is not interested in his girlfriend

Maybe he used to buy you flowers every Friday night, and that abruptly stopped. Maybe he seems a little distant when you’re having dinner. Acting cold, awkward, and disinterested can all be signs someone else has grabbed his attention.

He’s Secretive About His Phone

boyfriend hide his phone from his girlfriend

You may ask to check the time, and he quickly swipes it out of your hands. You may go to text a friend on his phone, and the passcode has changed – alarm bell ringing since it is a clear sign that something is going on.

His Work Is Busier Than Normal

boyfriend comes home late from work because he is having a good time with another woman

Your boyfriend is still working in the same job for years, and it has never been any different? He is always coming home late into the evening when he clocks off at 5 p.m. Then he may be very well to spend his free time with another woman.

He’s Starting To Dress Better

your boyfriend began to dress fashionably

Another major red flag that your boyfriend may be cheating on you is if he is starting to take more care of his everyday outfit. For example, if he usually goes to work in an old suit, but suddenly he starts going to work at a quality suit, then it is a clear sign that your boyfriend is hiding something from you.

He’s out of town more on “business” or to “visit his mum”

your boyfriend is lying about the fact that he is with his mother or left on business

Just like spending a little too much time on work, if he starts going out of state more, this is definitely a sign that something is up. And when you ask him to accompany him, your boyfriend always says ‘no,’ then it is the right time to find out what is going on.

The Best Way to Find Out Who Your Man Is Texting

The best way to find out whether your man has been texting someone that you don’t know about is to track the text messages he is sending. This is a solid starting point to understand just what he is up to. You can take your investigations to the next level by installing spying software on his smartphone.

mSpy is considered to be one of the best solutions to find out who your man is texting and talking. You can install such software remotely, and then it will work in a hidden mode. Hence, it is a smart solution to catch a cheater and remain invisible.

Check His Messages

End Words

A relationship without trust is hell for someone who is being hurt the most. If you are constantly in fear and want to know the reality, use the above signs and tricks to keep an eye on your boyfriend. Further, you don’t hesitate to use spying apps to know who your boyfriend is texting.


Can I See Who He Is Texting If He Deleted Messages?

By using such advanced software as FlexiSPY, you can see your boyfriend’s text messages, even if he has deleted them.

Are These Sms-Checkers Hidden from My BF?

Absolutely, you are entirely safe. Just consider it as private investigating, they won’t find out unless you tell.

Do I Need Access to the Phone to Read to Whom He Is Texting?

Not necessarily, as long as you gather the basic information needed for an investigation, you won’t need to access their device.

What the Best Way to See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting?

You can use mSpy as the most advanced solution to know who your boyfriend is texting.

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